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20 February 2009

Uncle Al Begins His Training

Today I picked up Uncle Al around 9:30. We had snow last night so I had to clear the driveway before leaving.

Uncle Al fell asleep on his bed while trying on cloths. I guess he got tired. I would have gotten tired too if I was putting on cloths that were 4 sizes too small.

Finally, I bundled Uncle Al up and off we went, dancing to the elevators... another day out with Sue!

All the way to Billerica, Uncle Al read ever sign on the highway and assured me that I was going in the right direction. Thank God for the navigator in the truck, the peaceful voice of the computer helped Uncle Al feel safe and secure.

Yup, here it is, Exit 43, Lynnfield. Every day, he reminds me that this is the exit to his house. He told me today that he's trying to improve his memory by repeating the routes over and over to re-remember.

At my house we had an active day. I checked Uncle Al's blood sugar and it was 223 before lunch! I know that walking helps bring blood sugar down so I got Uncle Al up on the treadmill and had him walk slow for 5 minutes. His blood sugar dropped to 197.

Lunch was baked haddock, baked potato and asparugus. I wish I had a picture of the look on Uncle Al's face when he tasted the fish... definitely the mmmm look.

I told Uncle Al that after lunch, he was on the treadmill for 5 more minutes of walking. Here's the video. He is starting to feel pretty good and wonders why more people don't do it... I love Uncle Al!

Today, Uncle Al walked for 10 minutes and I could see him feeling stronger with every step. All he needed was a little confidence and encouragement that he can do it if he wants to do it... he did it.

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