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27 February 2009

Dementia and Hypnosis - the Idea

I've been observing my mom and Uncle Al, seeing what foods they eat and how it makes them react. There are some foods that seem to be worse than others... the culprits, processed food, breads and pasta - pretty much all the comfort foods that have no nutritional value but sure do make us feel satisfied.

This morning I went downstairs to check on my mom. I found her curled up on her bed grasping on to her purse. I knew immediately that she had hallucinations or paranoia which I know is a symptom of dementia.

She didn't eat anything bad for dinner, just Planko bread crumbs sprinkled on her baked haddock dinner with steamed vegetables. Maybe it was the butternut squash? I'm not sure. Looks like Planko breadcrumbs and butternut squash are off the plate for now.

I woke her up and she told me how much she can not stand what goes on in her head. She told me that she knows it's crazy but it seems so real at the time.

She is worried that her kids will suffer from her "crazy gene." Her mom, sister and now her brother all had or have dementia. I promised my mom that I'd do everything in my power to help her and my siblings.

Yesterday, in my Master Training class I learned first hand that the mind has the power to do ANYTHING that you believe that it can do. This gave me an idea that I will try and later report here in a blog post - why not use hypnosis on Josie to see if I can help her overcome dementia?

Each of us has a mind which is a divine tool for all of us to use. Our minds can move mountains, cure disease and bring us happiness. All we have to do is have a thought, believe with enthusiasm and before you know it the thought has become reality.

Now, you can poo poo this idea, that's OK... you are probably not ready to explore the hidden potentials of your mind, body and soul. Let's see if I can make a believer out of you with facts which I'll report here in my blog.

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