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22 February 2009

Cure for Dementia?

It was an interesting day yesterday with Uncle Al and my mother.

Later when I got back from taking Uncle Al back to the home my mother said, "I don't want to have dementia, I'm not going to have it. Susie, you have to help me fight it off."

We started to talk about the disease, I figured I'd tell her what I had learned about the disease. She wants to read all the information that I read so that she can help me to help her and Uncle Al.

Here's a list that I found on how to prevent dementia -

Current clinic data is not sufficient to provide solid pathways to prevent dementia. However please find below the tips that might be useful to prevent dementia.

Take sufficient amount of vitamin E (800 International Units (IU)) and C every week. Refer to your doctor for the appropriate dose and usage
Eat fish at least 3 times a week. Don’t forget that fat in fish (Omega 3 fatty acids) may prevent dementia
Use antioxidants in your diet
Reduce saturated fats from your diet
Eat British blackcurrant and American fruit boysenberries regularly
Consume vegetables everyday
Keep yourself away from obesity
Monitor yourself, visit your physician regularly to take tests if you are a type-2 diabetes patient
Keep yourself socially active all the time, spend a lot of time with your family and friends
Participate in mentally challenging leisure activities (Ex. playing board games)
Sleep well
Reduce stress from your life
Drink green tea every day
Try to make your self happy and please yourself
Laugh as much as you can
Ask the folic acid supplements with your doctor, discuss the pros and cons of the usage
Avoid depression
Reduce your time with television
Learn about brain workout
Have a dog or cat in your apartment/house
Be aware the risks and prevention of metabolic syndrome
Keep your cholesterol low, avoid high LDL levels
Manage your stress, make yoga and meditation
Music may prevent dementia; listen as much as you can
Don’t take too much alcohol
Treat and manage your hypertension
For females: Discuss the risks and benefits of HRT ( Hormone replacement therapy) if you are in menopause
Avoid any kind of infections especially syphilis
Engage in leisure activities
Quit smoking
Read books as much as you can
Don’t forget to make regular tests for your thyroid function
Avoid any kind of head trauma; If you are riding a bike or chopper always use helmets, while driving your car always use seat belts
Bring daily newspapers and magazines to your work; try to make some time to read them
Solve 3d puzzles, crosswords
Play bridge
Play musical instruments (guitar, piano, flute, double-bass, drums etc..)
Make regular exercises and aerobics
Walk at least 30 minutes everyday
Make team based sports like basketball, football, soccer, tennis, bowling
Engage yourself

My mom and I talked about different activities that she does and which ones seem to keep the people from knocking on the window or doors.

The conclusion that we came to is that the more she uses the Wii Fit balance games, she doesn't hear people knocking on the windows and doors. The balance games improve the connection between the brain and the body, one of the things that deteriorates with dementia.

My mom and I can see it in Uncle Al. In a sense, Uncle Al has helped my mom turn the corner and WANT to help herself because she wants to avoid what he has going on in his life.

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