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17 February 2009

Myth: You don't go blind

So, today I took my Uncle Al to my house for the day. I picked him up at 9:30am and returned him to the nursing home at 4:30.

He is demented. No doubt. I understand it a bit because my mother was not far from where he is but I was able to reverse her dementia and it appears to be stable. All through diet and exercise. A total mind body and spirit connection. It's never too late.

Today, my mother was showing her brother how to do Wii Fit. Yes, 80 year old Josie was showing 82 year old Al how good her balance is. Her Wii Fit age was something like 57... she was doing the gig in the corner.

Al was set up on Wii today with his mini Mii. We have a Wii Uncle Al. His Wii Fit age is 71. Oh, it made him stand so tall when he saw his age being 11 years his senior. It was great

The visit at my house was going great until my mom pushed Uncle Al in to taking a shower. Her's Josie, "Oh Al, you can do it yourself, you're not that bad." I was saying to myself, "Ma, yes he is that bad. but couldn't say those words out loud."

Next thing I know I'm in my mom's shower with Uncle Al standing in the shower, nearly naked with just his adult diaper on. Oh Man. Then, the ineveitable happened, he took the diaper off and no, I didn't go blind.

Uncle Al was so happy taking a hot shower, he was in his glory. At one point he looked at me and said, 'how much will you charge me for this shower?" Then I said, "It's on the house, you're my Uncle Al, I love you."

It was intense.... as my loving mother stood outside her bathroom door laughing. Thanks Ma.

You know, it doesn't matter if someone is naked or not, if they need our help to feel more human, we have to help them.

I'm on a mission to help Uncle Al restore his memory. Today I drove him around Lynnfield, he LOVED the drive.


  1. i thought for sure Uncle Al was going to talk about masturbating. LOL!

  2. Dementia is a crazy disease for sure. A couple of weeks ago Uncle Al said to me, "Sue... I'm having a problem with my thing. It doesn't get hard any more. What can I do?"

    I told him to eat his vegetables.