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28 February 2009

The Power of Belief: Can Uncle Al Manifest his deepest desire?

Today was a big day for Uncle Al, I went and picked him up at 9 am and brought him back to the nursing home at about 6:30. The big hold up was he had to take a crap and I didn't want him to hold it because we were going to be late. My thought was, late for what?

Instead I called the nursing home and told them that Al had to shit and I wasn't trying to steal him. The nurse busted out laughing and told me not to worry.

The day was interesting.

Before I went to pick up Uncle Al I was thinking about candid video and how great it would be to find real answers to what's bugging Uncle Al. Sure enough, I found out when I put the video camera between my legs and aimed it up at Uncle Al. I thought of my nephew Joe and how he would LOVE this whole idea - so, I did this video for Joe. It's really interesting.

Al wants to see Maryann really badly. Every time he sees me he asks if I've had any luck contacting her. Every time I tell him no. I tell him that I write her email messages and send her the links to his videos that I put on YouTube but she never replies. He looks so sad, he misses his daughter, his granddaughter and son in law. I am hoping that one day I can give him a really great answer.

Today I brought him home, fed him home made chicken soup, I swear to God it is a miracle cure for everything that ails you. Then, we played some music. We set up the electric piano and let it play music automagically - Brian played drums, I danced with Uncle Al.

I thought I had set up the video camera to capture our fun but I didn't press the right "on" button. Anyway, wasn't meant for anyone to see. While I was dancing with Uncle Al I thought, "oh no, people are going to see me, I want to be the mystery voice!" Maybe my mind shut off the camera before I even turned it on?!

It was fun.

Uncle Al walked 5 minutes on the treadmill and then we went to Wal-Mart.

Big day out for Uncle Al. He tried on a pair of sneakers with velcro so that he could walk more. I keep telling him to walk. He was pretty psyched that the sneakers were only $18 bucks. Boy, does he remind me of my mother!

We then found a green "Go Irish" type hooded sweatshirt for 15 bucks which we got for Uncle Al so that he could wear it to Brian's Birthday party (Brian was born on 3/17 we're having a party on the 15th) We also bought him the electric razor that he's been nagging me to buy for him. Today we got it. The price was marked 24.97, got to the check out and it was 44.97 - we got it for the lower price... yay!!!

Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking when I venture to take my mother AND my demented Uncle to Wal-Mart on a busy Saturday afternoon! But, it all worked out. We blocked aisles and aggravated people. I bet the people we blocked in the aisles woke up in a crabby mood this morning and we just helped them to continue on with their expected crabby day. Uncle Al had a great time, he had a great day!

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