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24 February 2009

Brain Training

I've been making observations about how my mom is responding to her new exercise and nutrition program in order to keep her dementia at bay. She's on a mission to find a cure for dementia with my help, she doesn't want to end up in a nursing home.

One day earlier in the week I noticed that the days where my mom used the Balance game training in Wii Fit were the nights she did NOT have any hallucinations at night. This was proof that the balance games help to improve coordination in the elderly with dementia symptoms.

My mom has improved in just 5 days of 30 minutes a day on the balance game and 10 minutes walking on the treadmill. She is feeling better and her mental ability is coming back. Today, she set up her pill box herself and did it 100% correct!

I did find a cool website to help us to all train our brains, it's free. Try it!

Brain Training to Improve your mind

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  1. sue. it is evidence, not proof that the exercising is helping.