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04 October 2010

Step Out With The Girls

It was a weekend of shopping for my mom and me.  Saturday she was feeling very good.  Her speech was superb, full complex sentences and fewer hallucinations than we've experienced in the past few months.

Acupuncture is helping a lot with a little magnet therapy to keep her going between treatments.  My mom, she's way more pleasant too.  She even cares about other people again, like her good buddy, Jay.

Saturday, I took my mom out shopping.  We went to several stores for different items that I needed.  Our last stop was Kohl's where she bought herself a few new outfits in a smaller size.  She was thrilled that she could shop in the petite section and find cloths on the clearance rack that fit her like a model.

Shopping was fun with my mom on Saturday.  It was like old times when I'd shop with my mother; never did I expect to shop with her again after last Saturday's episode and visit to the Emergency Room.

My mother loved all of her purchases and her new outfits look terrific on her.  Nothing better than seeing my mom come out of her room and do a quick pose in front of me, showing me that she knows how good she looks.

We made plans with Jay for Sunday.  I arrived a little late.  Jay was ready, my mom was speaking well and walking steady on her feet so she helped Jay walk to the car.

My mom enjoyed watching out for Jay and helping her walk; Jay enjoyed looking after my mom making sure she wasn't lost.  Rachel, she watched out for Jay, helping her find items that were of interest.

Our little shopping excursion was a fun way to step out with the girls.  We all had an enjoyable trip, even I enjoyed myself since I changed how I view my Care Giving.

Instead of looking at Care Giving as a huge burden, I see it as an opportunity to experience moments in time that will make me smile some day when all of my Seniors have exchanged their Earth Suits for Angel wings.


  1. That is a great attitude!! These women have been a part of your whole life, but they won't be forever. Enjoy what you can, endure what you must, and embrace what you love!

  2. Mellodee, you are so wise! I couldn't have put it any better. Thank you for reading my blog and contributing.

  3. I wish every mother had a wonderful daughter like you to care and love them so much! You are a Hero!

  4. that is a beautiful way to look at what you are doing :)