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22 October 2010

A Care Giver's Rant

This morning we had the best blood pressure reading in the morning, similar to the readings I would get before my mom's blood pressure went out of control and landing her in an Emergency Room.  Today, will be a great day if we can keep her blood pressure down.

I've learned through my observations of my mom; high blood pressure and high blood sugar bring on more vivid hallucinations.  The intensity of her hallucinations depends on her blood pressure and or blood sugar; if they are high she will go into a mental death spiral, heading for the ground like a plane that suddenly lost a wing.

Care giving is extremely difficult when my mom's autonomic system seems to be having an attack of some kind, an attack that brings on behaviors that make me start to think that it's time to move her to a nursing home.  I often find myself crying when I have this thought.  Part of me wants to give up and get on with my new life with my new husband, while another part of me has hope that we can keep her at home and stable until the day she dies.  The latter is my dream, a dream that my mom loves to hear me talk about because it gives her hope.

Hope.  I often wonder if the belief in hope is what gets us through the tough days.  One day at a time is how we have to take things with my mom.  It's good to plan but I've learned that I can not be married to the plan or the situation.

Hope keeps us going when we see good results from the gentle care we are giving to my mom.  No drugs, just safe natural food.

Celery is our new savior, it brings my mom's blood pressure down to a range where she can remember how to swallow her supplements.  When my mom's blood pressure rises into the 200 range, she forgets how to swallow, she doesn't understand what I am asking her to do.  It's scary.

Celery seed extract from Herb Pharm makes it easier for my mom to get what she needs fast; to lower her blood pressure from the dangerous systolic number of 200 or more to 170 or less within 20 minutes.

During the bad times I say, "Oh no, I think she needs to be in a home and on all the drugs because no nursing home will do what we are doing, giving her natural remedies."  It always makes me cry but I pick myself up, dust myself off and keep on keeping on.  The thought of her in a nursing home always gives me the fortitude to keep on going, to keep up what we are doing and to ignore the naysayers because the naysayers have no idea what they are dissing; traditional doctors being the worst offenders to creating more stress in this care givers life.

It takes vigilance to do what we are doing.  I check my mom's blood pressure a lot through out the day.  I keep a diary of EVERYTHING that she ingests from supplements to food to herbal drinks.  I even include behaviors and attitudes to help paint a full picture.  I am doing this for her doctors, the new ones that she'll be seeing soon.

I am of the belief that if I give her doctor(s) lots of data the doctor will have a better way of knowing what is happening during those times we are not in a doctor's office.  I have been keeping a journal for my mom for a long time.

The doctors she had been seeing at a big hospital in our area never really cared to learn how we are caring for my mom, they ignored the data and reprimanded me because I wouldn't give her drugs.  Her former doctors discredit Natural Medicine and nutrition.  Her doctors only cared about her numbers and big pharma patching up the trouble; they didn't care about her quality of life.

My mom's doctors would never acknowledge my mom's improved health (except her Endocrinologist); now I know it must have been because I was shining a light on their lack of understanding and knowledge in proper nutrition for good health regardless of how old or sick you may be at any given time.

Doctors ignored me.  I told them that my mom can't take the pills, the compounds or whatever binds the pills causes her to have a bad time.  Their reply, "Do you want to have a stroke Josephine?"  Fear.  Doctor's loved to instill fear into my mother.

I would always reply for my frightened mother, "So tell me  Doctor, why is death by pharmaceutical drugs one of the top 3 killers in this country?  Why don't you believe in food as medicine, proper nutrition?"  I never got an answer, I only got a question in return; "In what regard?"  I swear to God doctors are idiots, doing the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry and displaying every day that they have no idea how the human body needs to be fed so that it can be healthy.

News flash for all doctors of the Big Pharma industry, drugs will only make us more sick.  Why do you believe that a subscription plan of a expensive drugs is better than spending that same money on locally grown foods, nutritious foods that will keep the body strong and help it heal?

Today, most traditional doctors are in the dark ages of treating people for illnesses.  Drugs kill.  The new drug pushers are doctors, doctors who have an air of arrogant superiority because of their focus on self.  It's stressful for care givers to face doctors who have the "God Complex", especially when we have made a choice as a family to take a more natural approach to healing.

It is difficult to stand up to doctors but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  I found that when I educate myself and answer doctors in questions, it often leaves them speechless.

Doctors view me as difficult; I see myself as my mom's advocate against doctors who wish to push their will instead of doing what my mom wants... my mom does not want to take pharmaceutical pills because all of them make her feel sick.

My mom has a terminal illness, why on Earth would we want to aggressively treat her conditions and cause her to just exist through life?  Our choice as a family is to give her better days, days where she can dance and sing to her favorite music from the 40's and 50's.   Natural medicine is helping us to achieve our goal of helping my mom gracefully leave this lifetime as she dances into the world of her hallucinations.

I need to understand why doctors are the new drug pushers?  Why don't we have a war on Pharmaceutical drugs?

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