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06 October 2010

Every Day Is An Adventure

My mom's been home from the hospital for over a week, she's doing much better.  Her cognition is improving as long as I can keep her blood pressure down.

Her pressure fluctuates so much, it's wild.  I've been recording her blood pressure readings all day including the food she is eating.  I'm figuring out what food will help keep her blood pressure low.

I make a very good Beef Vegetable Soup, it helps keep her blood pressure down.  I use Turmeric in the soup.  Turmeric lowers blood pressure.  It's amazing how fast it works to lower the systolic number, the number on top in a blood pressure reading.

Celery lowers blood pressure.

Garlic works too.... 6 cloves is all it takes.  I make it with vegetables like the Brussels Sprout and Asparagus dish from a few posts previous to this one.

Hawthorne Berry works wonderful too.

My mom has good days and bad, it depends how high her blood pressure is at any given time.  I've been keeping her blood pressure down using food and it's working.

She is also on 10 mg of Lisinopril since her hospital stay.  I worry about her kidneys; Lisinopril is hard on the kidneys.

For the kidney worry, Dr. Barton has her taking Pellitory 2 x's a day.  It's very good for kidneys and it seems to help lower her blood pressure.

We'll be going to a new hospital with new doctors.  I finally found my mom a Geriatrician, someone who understands Senior Hypertensive issues and Dementia.

More to come... every day is an adventure.


  1. Vegetable soup sounds so good on this cold day! Good luck with the new doctors!

  2. I known a couple of Gerontologists over the years. (Have I mentioned I worked in a hospital/health care environment for over 30 years??) Anyway, using a doctor who specialist in aging and its related conditions seems a no brainer to me! I'm surprised there aren't more of them. Tho, now that we "Boomers" are hitting our 60s, I bet that will start to change. Well, it will if we Boomers ever accept being "elderly"!!!

  3. Well, you can see I didn't proof the above at all! Sorry about the boo-boos! Please fill in the missing letters and words as you read! :)

  4. you're amazing sue. i've been a nurse 16 years and learned quite a bit from this post!! =D

    YOU ROCK!!

  5. Missy... the soup was soup-er!

    Mellodee... no worries about the spelling. We absolutely need more doctors who understand senior health issues.

    Roschelle... thank you, happy to teach you some things that might help you some time in an emergency.