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21 August 2010

Her Spirit Baby

"The Baby!!!!!!!!!"  My mom screamed.

It was just about 11 PM, I was tucking myself in for a restful sleep when I heard the panicked foot thumping of my barefoot mom down the hall and into the sun room.

"Where is he?!  You have to find him.  Help him.... THE BABY!"  My mom was in a panic, she was literally freaking out; she was worried about her baby boy, the one she lost through a still birth over 50 years ago.

Mom was shaking, she believed that her baby needed help.

"Stop him from eating that yellow stuff... oooo oooo... STOP HIM!  Please, he's going to get hurt."  My mom began to plead with me.

"He'll be OK Ma.  Dennis is with dad.  You just had a bad dream.  Everything is OK, Dennis is safe.  He is fine."  I did my best to calm her, assuring her that her spirit baby was being looked after by dad and Ed.

"Oh... it's just not fair, why did God have to take him?  Why didn't God let him have a life?  It's just not fair."  My mom continued to rant.

"Well, if Dennis was born and lived, you never would have had me.  Who would be here to take care of you now if Dennis lived?  I would not have been born.  Dennis gave his life to me because he knew back before he was born that you would need me more.  Isn't he a good boy?  He is OK.  He's protected and he now helps me to help you.  It's OK."  I gave my attempt at reason, who knows if I was able to get through to her.

I gave her a drink of Hyoscamus, a homeopathic remedy that calms my mom when she's agitated and upset.  It seemed to do the trick.  She went back to sleep and woke up at 6 AM... she is still looking for Dennis, her spirit baby.

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