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30 August 2010

A Family Visit

Brian giving Jay a hug
Sunday was a great day; Brian and I had a date!

Ma went to Marty's so that she could visit with him, Patricia and our Aunt Jay.  Jay now lives with my brother and sister-in-law, Patricia.  My mom LOVES Patricia and she's always thought the world of my little brother.

There was dancing going on during my mom's visit, all triggered by a Polish Polka show.  Jay loves to Polka so she had Patricia dance with her.  The video is awesome... too bad it is locked in the vault.

Jay was happy having my mom visit with her; she missed my mom a lot.  Jay and my mom had been best friends since the day that they had become Sister-in-laws.  Jay has always loved my mom.  I arrived to pick up my mom a little earlier than I had planned; it was a  warm day.  My brother doesn't use Air Conditioning and even a little overheating can send us down a path of confusion with my mom.

Fortunately, she had a lot of fun visiting family.  I heard about my mom jumping up to dance and then spinning around, falling face first into the sofa.  Everyone laughed as they told the story how my mom didn't miss a beat, she got right up and danced.

My mom danced what I think my Aunt referred to as the "Chelsea Hop" or some dance with HOP in it.  Jay couldn't believe how well my mom danced.  "She danced like a professional!"  Jay exclaimed in her little voice.  I do wish I had video of Jay and Ma dancing.

Ma was a little worn out looking when we walked through the door to the patio.  She even looked at Marty as though it was the first time she had seen him, although she sat next to him all day on the sofa.  Confusion was setting in.

The drive home, she sang songs all the way home, singing along to the radio.  We pulled in to the driveway and she exclaimed, "OH NO!  This isn't where we are supposed to be."   For reasons unknown, she doesn't recognize this house as where she lives, she thinks she lives in a house in Saugus or East Lynn; homes from her long distant past.

My mom had dinner and put her nightgown on with out any help and put herself in bed at 7:30, she was exhausted.  It was a long day for her; she had a great time with family.

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