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16 September 2009

What causes constipation?

At one time or another, we've all suffered from a bout with constipation. There's nothing worse than a back up of our digestive system, it throws everything in your body off kilter, including your thinking. Constipation clouds the mind.
It's what you eat that matters and allows you to keep yourself healthy and things moving freely as the body is designed to do.
Gluten is not very good for us to ingest, even though there's nothing more tasty than a well made cheese pizza from a local pizzeria that bakes it in an open brick oven. How about the smell of freshly baked bread... oh, the smells that trigger comfort memories from years gone by.
How can one eliminate gluten? This is my latest puzzle that I'm attempting to solve.
I've been experimenting with making up new recipes that are gluten free. I've been cooking with more grains like Quinoa, Millet and Amaranth. The bread and cookies that I made so far are very tasty. Mmmm good tasty.
My mom loved the gluten free bread and cookies that I was creating, I felt I had achieved a form of success that doesn't come too often in life. Everyone in my house loved the gluten free treats.
I suppose we over did it with the treats which is proof that too much of anything isn't good for you and can cause constipation. Just like putting too much stuff in a closet makes the closet appear constipated, putting too much of one thing into your body can clog your system
I found a very interesting webpage that talks about constipation so I thought I'd share it with you. http://www.newtreatments.org/doc.php/WisdomExperience/176
There's got to be a solution. Thousands of years ago people survived by eating off the land, they didn't have boxes of food stuffs.
My goal is to tap into the ancient knowledge of village chefs and recreate meals that go in, do their good and then exit gently.

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