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18 September 2009

I want more of you...

This afternoon I got a call from the nursing home where Uncle Al is living. I haven't seen him for a few weeks because I needed a break and time for myself.

The nurse on the other end asked me if I wanted to take Uncle Al to the eye doctor. Of course I said yes. I took down the information and asked to speak to Uncle Al.

Uncle Al is such a dramatic actor, one can clearly see that his sun sign is Leo just by his drama. Today he didn't disappoint me, I got a big "Oh Sue! Thank GOD! Ohhhhh (sweet soft voice) please tell me you are coming tomorrow... ohhhhh, please Sueeeeeee." I said, "No, not tomorrow but Monday."

That news made him so happy.

Then he said,

"Oh, I want more of you.... Oh wait! Oh my God! That sounded dirty!!!! Oh my God. I wonder if anyone heard me. They'll get the wrong idea. That's not what I meant!!!"

He was panic stricken thinking that the nurses thought he was hitting on his niece. All I could do was laugh out loud until tears came out of my eyes.

Fortunately he has dementia so he forgot what he was worried about with in seconds. Then he said, "Oh, I have great news!"

I said, "Oh ya, what?"

He said, "Sue's coming to get me on Monday!"

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