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17 September 2009

Creating a New Reality

For years I've been interested in the mind and how it works. No wonder I was blessed with the opportunity to experience dementia as a caregiver to my dear little mom.

Through my years of study and practice, I've come to realize that sanity is a fine line that we walk every day. The smallest disturbance, just like throwing a pebble into a pond, creates ripples (wave effect.) This wave effect is symbolic of the ups and downs of life. When our bodies and minds are not up to par, the effects can be devastating.

My mom crossed the sanity line this last year more times than I care to mention, however there are several episodes that I have commented on in previous posts. There came a day not too long ago when I just couldn't believe how my life got to the point where I was unemployed and caring for a crazy person.

It was at this cross roads when I went back and re-read an ebook that I had written back in 2002. I decided to create a new reality for myself. I'm happy to report, things in my life are working out better than I had expected.

After 9/11 when I was laid off from my job as a Systems Engineer, selling software, I wrote my first e-book, "How to Overcome the Unemployment Blues and Make Money Doing It!"

Writing helped me to get through the tough financial times that I was experiencing. I didn't sell many copies, but I did help myself and a few others along the way. The act of giving to others when I needed help myself, gave me the inner power I needed to get up on the next fun wave of life.

We can change our lives through the power of our minds. Our mind is our most powerful tool. Before anything becomes a reality, it begins with a thought. A quilter creates patterns out of fabric and sews them together to create beautiful functional art... the resulting quilts began with an idea, a thought.

Everything begins with a thought, even subconscious thoughts. What we think today is what will become our reality tomorrow.

What are you thinking right now?

Hope it's good thoughts which will create a really great tomorrow for you. Thoughts are real.

Today, I will write a new movie script since my last script is coming to its end. It's exciting to know that today is a new beginning where I have the ability through my mind power to manifest a great new adventure.

Hmmmm.... where do I begin? At the end!

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  1. you said it right. very fine line between crazy and sane.