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16 September 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!

Today is my first nephew's birthday, he is 36.
I was 13 when Joe was born. It was exciting to be an Auntie at 13. I loved dolls and Joe was like a real living doll... ooooo goody... a baby!
Fortunately, I learned quickly that babies are not glamorous, they are messy. They poop and vomit at the worst possible time. Sometimes I even think little baby boys know what they're doing when they aim their little pee-pee for your face and give you a golden squirt in the face.
Thanks to my nephews Joe and Drew (Joe's brother) that I chose to go down the career path instead of raising a family. Kids are great but not on a daily basis so I vowed to be the best Aunt ever.
Who knows if I succeeded at being a great Aunt, but we did have lots of fun making crafts and writing stories. Thank you for helping me to get the mothering out of my system, if it wasn't for you and Drew, I may have gone down the family path and never allowed the opportunity to help Gram restore her health.
You are brilliant in every way, Happy Birthday Joe!

1 comment:

  1. kids are great but not on a daily basis.

    OMG that is soo funny!! and true!!!

    well, wait, that's not what i meant. I meant that kids require a hurculean daily effort and dammit it's fun and such. i love it.

    but yeah, daily effort. :)