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08 September 2009

My Daily Bread

We cut gluten out of my mom's diet just 5 days ago, she has not hallucinated and she is very clear in her thinking.

We don't have scientific evidence that she has a gluten intolerance but when we cut gluten out of her diet, all the ill effects of gluten intolerance are going away.

I figured I need to go gluten free too so I haven't had any gluten until today. I went to Whole Foods to get ingredients to make gluten free bread in my bread machine. They had sample bread that I had to try, not sure why but I did. It made me have a stomach ache. I don't know if it was psychosymatic or if I really was having a problem with the wheat in the bread.

Of course I couldn't follow along with the instructions, even though it was my first attempt at a gluten free anything, let alone bread.

My mom has a problem with rice, so I made a few substitutions. In place of the Brown Rice Flour, I put Millet flour. In place of the Amaranth Flour I used Quinoa Flour. I used Coconut Oil instead of vegetable oil and added a teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder to help lower the carbs.

I cooked it in a bread machine on the whole wheat setting. I put all the liquid ingredients in first and ended with the yeast, making sure the yeast didn't touch the water.

The bread came out amazing.

I took pictures which I've attached.

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