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01 September 2009

Oakey Doakey!

This morning is an Oakey Doakey morning... Yay!!!

My mom has often used the phrase, Oakey Doakey to describe a good feeling day. This morning when I woke and went to check on her I said, "Good morning, how are you feeling today?"

My mom's response, "Oakey Doakey!"

Her mind was clearer. She had a good night's sleep. Her eyes, wide and awake.

My nice mom was back, the agreeable mom who could reason and communicate.

We checked her blood sugar and it was back under the 100's - 92 was her reading. Her blood pressure had been elevated, especially in the morning when she woke up. It has been reading 190-200 / 90 +. This morning, her blood pressure was significantly lower, 137/73!

The doctor has her taking Seacure, 12 capsules a day and Cardio HTN. The Cardio HTN is used to lower blood pressure. Seacure for cognition. The doctor told me that it will take about a week to start to see results. This morning we seem to be seeing results from the Cardio HTN. Wooo Hooo! We began taking these supplements last Thursday so it hasn't been a full week yet.

I am walking in uncharted territory. I have no experience with dementia except the crazy part of the disease. Everywhere I read it appears that there's no cure; the person is destined to be prisoner in their own mind.

However, the mind and body has incredible power to solve all problems. I believe in a solution to help my mom not feel so confused and have lots of "Oakey Doakey" days ahead.

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