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30 June 2010

A Whirlwind of a Day

My day off yesterday was fabulous.  It went fast, it was a whirlwind of a day.  I had a dollar a minute massage, met my husband for a lunch date, went to K-Mart and bought discounted flowers, lots of them for under $7!  From there I drove around listening to the radio in my truck with the windows open wide.  I sang out loud and didn't care.

I also saw what I thought was a bottle bomb on the side of the street.  I called the cops.  I drove by the bottle a couple of hours later and it was still on the curb.  I do hope it isn't one of those bombs that I heard about, you can read about it here on Snopes - bottle bomb warning.

The respite worker arrived on time and my mom was ready to head out the door, she wanted to go to Market Basket.

My mom is crafty in her demented state. She wants to eat "real food", food that got her sick in the first place.  Processed foods, sugary foods, food that is poison to her system.

Our respite angel told me that my mom tried to buy cookies and ice cream, cookies and ice cream that I have not approved because of the chemical ingredients.  Ingredients that cause her to be super demented like Uncle Al.

I should have given the respite worker specific instructions about food for my mom.  I should have known that my mom would have tried to get away with eating the food that I don't let her eat.

The respite worker took my mom out for an ice cream.  She noticed immediately that it wasn't the right thing to feed my mom, my mom became lethargic.  It got worse after my relief left and I was back on duty.

My mom couldn't eat dinner.  She couldn't lift her fork, she didn't know how to use it.  It was frightening.  I was ready to call 911.  I checked her blood pressure and blood sugar, both were high.  She was due for her high blood pressure medicine so I gave it to her.  I made her a cup of ginger tea with 2 drops of fenugreek.  I had her lay in bed and relax.  I gave her Reiki and spoke calm words.

My mom began to feel better as her blood pressure and blood sugar came down to the normal range.  She ate dinner and was back to her normal state of mind.

What I learned is that food matters with Lewy Body Dementia patients.  If you feed them poison it will cause them to have bad behaviors or become super disoriented.

Today, Jay and I go to the eye doctor... my mom will stay home with her Visiting Angel.


  1. Hi! I just saw that I had a follower on my blog. I've never had a follower before, so thanks for checking me out. Your blog is lovely and heartrending and so familiar! I'd love to keep chatting-good luck!

  2. Thanks for stopping over and visiting and blog.

    Yes... let's keep chatting!

  3. Hi,

    I read your entry on fenugreek last year. Is is still working well for your mom (and your uncle Al)? Your information and sharing on the effects of fenugreek on diabetes are really appreciated.



  4. Hi Joe,
    I'm currently writing a book about fenugreek and diabetes, how to cure it with food and fenugreek.

    My mom's A1C is consistently 5.1, we manage her diabetes without drugs using food. Fenugreek helped to "fix her" and now she produces her own insulin. It's pretty amazing.

    Thanks for reading my blog Joe, I think you will like the book that I'm writing on curing diabetes.