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19 June 2010

Our Family Treasure

Jay is leaving today.   I hate to see her go but I know the stress of my mom's demented mind is too much for her.  She needs to relax and get better.  Stress is poison and will do her more harm than good.  

I will miss Jay, like my MIL she appreciates what I do for her.  Jay enjoys everything that I prepare for her to eat, especially my oven fried chicken.

I began to teach Jay during her stay with me, how to eat nutritious food and how to use food as medicine.  Breaking Jay of the "cheap food" concept is something that is tough for her to get her head around.  

Like most people she likes to cut corners on food, food that is contributing to her illness.  Cheap food is the root of poor nutrition in seniors.

I took Jay for a walk through Whole Foods a couple of days ago, just like I used to do with Uncle Al so that he could see all the healing colors of the produce section.  Whole Foods is a beautiful store with an explosion of color greeting every patron.  Jay enjoyed the produce section.  The walk through Whole Foods made her feel better.  I wish I could take her on more walks through Whole Foods.

I'll miss Jay praying the Rosary in my house.  I'll miss her asking me if I want to hold her rosary beads, a special set that a friend brought back for her from Fatima.  

I wish my mother was leaving and Jay was staying.  I still want Jay to live with us.  It would be good for her and my MIL, they have become good friends.

Jay will come back.  She promised to visit a couple of times a week, after all she does have a bedroom here now.  Jay is worried about food and how she will get to continue to eat nutritious food once she goes back home.  I assured her that I would continue helping her to eat the way she has been eating over the last couple of weeks.

Last night I told Jay that I'd love to teach her how to cook nutritious food so that she could help herself when she's back home.  Initially she wasn't too keen on this idea but last night, Jay liked the idea.

Having Jay here was good for me.  I got to have my Aunt tell me that I'm doing the right things and that she loves me.  She is a true gem.  

I was able to relive the feelings of my childhood when I would stay overnight at Jay's.  She was so much fun.  Jay had a special cup full of crayons, crayons that she wasn't afraid to use.  I wish I had all the pictures that we drew together when I was a kid.  Maybe I can get Jay to draw me her pretty lady with the big hat and a Santa face?  Jay was a good drawer.  

Jay's visit reminded me of all the lessons of family that I had learned from my dad.  Jay is an awesome aunt and has been for my entire life.  Jay is our family treasure.

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