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06 June 2010

Weekend at Camp Sue

Yesterday my niece and her boyfriend came to the house for a visit.  It was great to see them; their visit made my mom very happy.

We swam in the pool, had lunch and gave my niece a few business suits that I haven't worn in several years.  She could use them now, she's an Accountant.  It was a thrill to give her my suits, suits that I wore when I was making a very good salary.

Jay and my mom sat in the recliners in my mom's room, as they watched Double A try on each suit.  She looked awesome.  My mom and Jay ooo'd and ahhh'd as my niece giggled, beaming a smile that was as bright as the brightest beacon of light.  She knows that she needs to dress for the position that she wants and now she has the cloths to bump her up a bit in her new career.

I also gave her a few purses, every woman needs more than one purse to go with each outfit.

My mom had a blast.  She swam around in the pool, laughing and giggling.  Double A helped her Gram with the kick board, giving her confidence to swim.  It was a great day for Ma.

Jay felt a little left out.  She is weak and couldn't make it down the stairs to the patio.  She's worrying like crazy about her procedure tomorrow.  She's showing signs of dementia.  I really don't think Jay should live alone anymore.  She got really nervous when she was by herself, even though my MIL was in the other room and she could see us outside.

I gave Jay some attention when I came inside.  I also wanted to spend a little time with my niece, I haven't seen her in a long time.  It was a juggling act.

Jay was nervous and her blood pressure was high.  Jay's blood pressure has been constantly high.  She doesn't take any vitamins.  No Fish Oil, no Vitamin D3 and no COQ10.  She has heart trouble.  She's on Coumadin.  She doesn't eat.  She can't eat dark greens.  Jay was always the picture of health, now she can barely walk.  She wants to feel better.  She wants me to help her feel better but I can only do that if she allows me to get involved with her medical condition.  I need her to allow me to go to the doctors with her so that I can ask questions.

Jay's house is a shambles.  It's got dark mold in the sink in her bathroom.  It makes me nervous to see the mold.  I know that mold can cause health issues, serious ones.

I need to get Jay to give me permission to clean her house with my steam cleaner.  I'll show her how cool my steamer is so that she lets me go and use it in her house.  She needs help.  She knows she needs help and is just beginning to ask... Thank God for her Nurse Practitioner, telling her that she needs to ask for help.  Jay doesn't like to be reprimanded by her healthcare folks.  I think the NP told her that she's more forgetful and not as alert as she had been in the past.

Jay needs someone to go to the doctor's with her, she needs a Healthcare Proxy.

I love my Jay.  She has been an awesome Aunt my entire life.  Jay was my role model.  I always wanted to be like Jay.  She had a career.  Never had kids and always had the best wardrobe.  I remember enjoying looking in her closet as a little girl.  I remember her having my older sisters try on her cloths, just like I did with my niece yesterday as Jay watched.  Jay is a sweet old lady.

Before my niece showed up my mom was upset.  She was on the verge of crying, she couldn't speak.  She told me that she needed to speak to my husband about something.  She was upset.  I couldn't understand what could be wrong.

Jay my mom and me were sitting in the sun room when my mom started to talk.  She didn't know how to break "the news" to me.  "News?  What news?"  I asked.

"Oh, how do I say this... (holding back tears, choking up) Your brother.  (pausing to hold back tears) He's... He's... (pause)... no longer with us."  She blurted out as she began to cry.

"I know, Ed's been dead for years."  I replied.

"No, no, not Eddie... (paused - starting to cry)... Marty!  Marty is dead.  I saw him being carried up the stairs in a basket."  My mom began crying as she spoke.

"No, Marty's alive.  Let me call him on the phone so that you can talk to him."  I offered.

My mom was a little scared, thinking that I was calling beyond the grave.  I dialed the number and Marty answered the phone.

"Hello Marty?  Can you talk to Ma and tell her that you are still alive?  She thinks she saw you dead and needs to talk to you."  I said to my brother.

My mom talked to Marty and cried with relief.  He told her that he loves her and she told him that she loves him.  She settled down, put on her bathing suit and soon forgot the hallucination that scared her so much.

It's been an interesting weekend.  Today I'll take Jay shopping with my mom and me.  She loves getting out and walking around is good for her.  Tomorrow morning I'll drive her to the hospital and before she knows it, she'll be able to see again.

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