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15 June 2010

The Pee Bottles

My mom's behavior has been more bizarre than usual so I called her doctor and had a UTI test ordered.

Last time we were at the clinic the nurse gave me two extra bottles and a bio-hazard bag so that my mom could pee in the cup at home.  I thought it would be easier and if she missed, she was home and I could clean up the mess easier.

I put the cups next to the toilet in my mom's bathroom and told her to use the cup after she drank a big glass of water.

Two minutes went by and my mom was in the bathroom.  I came back to her room with a cup of tea for her to drink too.

"There it is!"  My mom exclaimed as she pointed to her little bit of pee in the cup that she put in the bio-hazard bag.

"It's not enough Ma.  Can you drink the water and this tea so that you can give a better sample?"  I asked as I handed her the cup of tea.

I left the room to check on Jay.

I was in the kitchen talking to Jay when my mom came in to the room with the fresh pee cup.  She was holding it up and waving it at me.  She knew what she was trying to say about the cup but the words didn't come out the way she had wanted.

I repeated the instructions.  "Ma, drink the water and the tea and when you have to pee, pee in the cup, OK?"

My mom shook her head yes and went back to her room.

A few minutes later I checked on her and she pee'd in the 2nd fresh cup, not much pee, just a dribble.  Her idea was to keep peeing at different times until she had enough in the cup.  She didn't understand that we needed it in one shot or the sample would be contaminated.

I still don't think she understands the concept of sample contamination.

It was getting late and I didn't want to miss dropping off her sample so we rushed with the first sample, hoping that it would be enough.  By this time, my mom really had to pee so I asked her to hold it while we drove to the clinic about 2 miles from our house.

I hit every bump.  I heard my mom complain with every bump that the truck went over.  We made it.

The technician looked at the sample and said, "We might have enough in there."  She whisked the sample away and came back to say, "It's a little short but it might work."  My mom didn't need to pee in another fresh cup at the clinic... yay!

"Ok Ma, you can go use the toilet, you don't need to pee in the cup."  I said to my mom.

"Where's the cup?"  My mom replied.

"You don't need the cup, you pee'd enough at home in the first cup."  I added as an explanation.

My mom looked confused.

"OK Ma, let's use the toilet."  I walked her down the hall.

My mom was still looking for the pee cup.

Finally, I was able to convince her to pee in the toilet.  She thought it was a new way to gather pee, she thought it was nifty.

"Do you want to see?"  My mom yelled to me from behind the door.

"No, that's OK, just flush the toilet and come out."  I added.

"Don't you want to see it?"  My mom answered back through the door, a question I remember asking her so many times as a little girl.

"Nope.  Just flush."  I answered back.


Departing the clinic with 2 fresh pee cups, I'm better prepared to handle the pee gathering for the next time we need to check my mom for a UTI.

There was lots of giggling in my house yesterday when I was trying to get my mom to pee in the cup.  Jay sat in the other room and let out a laugh.  Who needs TV?  Life here is funnier than any sitcom.  A newly married couple and 3 old ladies sure do create situations that make us laugh.

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