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14 June 2010

The Wedding of Angels

My mom is waiting for the wedding ceremony that is happening in our backyard.  She watches the people setting up for the wedding, preparing for the big celebration.  My mom sees my dad and gets angry because she thinks my dad is getting married.

I tell her that it's not a wedding but a celebration for good souls who are getting their angel wings.  Wings that will allow them to fly up and be with God.  My father is the one who runs the ceremonies.

She does not believe that it's an angel ceremony, she believes it's a wedding.

My mom expected to see my sister Donna this weekend.  I called her a few times but never got an answer on the phone, she must have gone away for the weekend.  Not seeing Donna contributed to her bad mood that just got worse as the weekend progressed.  Last night my mom was being a total bitch.

Jay is here because of her illness brought on by the mold in her house.  Everything was going along great until my mom thought Jay was "bossing her around."  I'm not sure what happened.

I do know that Jay attempted to sweep my kitchen floor and my mom got mad.  She grabbed the broom from her and began yelling at her, "NO! NO! NO!"  My mom put the dust pan in the broom closet and finished up the sweeping.  My mother NEVER sweeps the kitchen but she definitely didn't want Jay doing it either.  I think she said something to Jay to the effect that she "was telling Susie on her."

My mom is upset that Jay is here.  She's upset that I'm bringing her cats to the vet and then bringing them here too.  Jay can't go back to her apartment until the mold issue is resolved.  Her cats can't stay there either or they'll die.  Who knows if they're not dead already?  My mom doesn't understand.

This morning I was woken by my mom, dressed and walking on the squeaky floor above my bed.  It was 5 AM, too early to be woken.  I didn't wake up in a good mood.  I'm tired.

I don't know what to tell my mom about the wedding that she thinks we are having in the backyard.  She isn't believing the story about it being a ceremony for souls getting their angel wings.  She believes it's a wedding.  I need to convince her that it's a wedding to become an angel.

I've told her that we can only get married on Earth, not in Heaven... that's why we are born on Earth, to enjoy the Earthly pleasures.  I explain that what she is seeing are angels getting their wings, a sort of wedding of angels.

My mom wants to die.  She wants her big celebration party.  She wants to be with my dad.  She wants my dad to talk to her and tell her what's going on.  I tell her that it's against the Universal Laws for her and my dad to be able to speak like she talks to those of us who are still alive on Earth.  She doesn't understand.

I explained to her that I worked out a special deal with Dream Master to hook up email so that she could communicate with my dad.  I also reminded her that the only communication that she can believe is the email from dad because the impostors are always working on messing with her brain.  They want her to be angry because when she's angry my dad doesn't come to see her.

My mom was looking on the roof as she sat in the sunroom.  She glared with a look in her eye that indicated trouble was brewing.  No matter what Jay or I said to my mom, she got an attitude.

It rained all weekend; weather that kept my mom stuck inside.   My mom's hallucinations built over the weekend, getting more and more intense, making her angry.  She is angry.  She is mad because she thinks I'm keeping secrets about my father from her.

Well, I think it's time for my father to "write my mom a letter" and put her worries at ease.  Let's hope this works.

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