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07 June 2009

A Welcomed Day of Respite in the Garden

Thanks to Donna for taking Ma overnight last night and for the day today. Yay! I will get to have a day where I can work ALL DAY in the garden and not have to stop to check blood sugar, that there are no "visitors" in the house and to prepare meals.

I'm building raised beds for the back yard. I'm making them look like furniture. I am staging my back yard for peace and relaxation.

The pool will be put in soon. Thanks to Ann and Steve for their contribution to Camp Sue 2.

The Oasis that you are providing will be exactly what is needed to keep everyone moving in summer. The videos we will get from the fun in that pool will give us those memories we'll need when we are old people holding onto the last remnants or our minds.
Today is A GREAT DAY!

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