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01 June 2009

"Hello Madam, It's the Police!"

Hallucinations at 2am suck, especially when the police are involved.

I can honestly say that there is no experience like laying in bed, sound asleep and having a cop walk through your bedroom door shining a flash light in your face.

I leaped out of bed thinking something happened to my mother, my heart was racing so fast that I felt like it was going to beat it's way out of my chest.

The cop was young, he sort of reminded me of my nephew Scott. All I can remember what he said was something about my mother called them because "someone was sleeping in bed next to her."

2 cops walked around my house and my back yard looking for "the man."

My mom has been cheating on her diet. She got oyster crackers from somewhere, small little packages which she reasoned in her mind that "they weren't that bad because it was a small package."

The reasoning is faulty in so many ways. My mom doesn't seem to understand that it's the garbage ingredients that cause her to become super confused and demented like Uncle Al.

She's been slacking off on exercising, which has been proven to help keep "the people away."

I'm getting to the end of my rope. Do we move her into a nursing home? It all depends on her own due diligence with her health and life style changes.


  1. Hi there. I am an Ombudsman for the Elderly and I think it is great that you are keeping your mom at home as long as it is possible. Family members will ask me to give them a benchmark as to when they should look at nursing home placement for their loved ones. Generally if they start to wander I think it is time to look for a nursing home for their safety. In Iowa we have a special program for people living in the community. The individual wears a special bracelet that sends out a signal that can be picked up by the police if they ever wander off and are missing. It has proven to be life saving for many people.


  2. Thank you for your comment, it is very helpful