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10 June 2009

My Observations on the link between Blood Sugar and Dementia Episodes

For the last 6 months I've been paying close attention to everything that my mom ingests and making notes to help me to identify those foods that cause her to see "the man."

What I've learned is that if her blood sugar goes up to 140 or higher, she thinks she is seeing people in her room or that they are looking in through the windows. Her eyes get wider as her sugar level goes up, it's a look that I need to capture in a picture. It's a very distinct look.

I'm getting to the point where I can guess how high her sugar levels are based on how her eyes look and the intensity of her "visitors."

I've explained this to my mother during her low sugar reading times. I ask her if she is seeing anyone and she says "No." As soon as her readings go up even into the high 130's she begins to have mild hallucinations.

Here's today's number readings and how she was behaving before we checked.

She woke up this morning and her reading was 124. I didn't give her tea with fenugreek with dinner last night. I believe this is why she wasn't in the low 100's for her blood sugar.

For breakfast she had her Oatmeal with 5 drops of fenugreek, 1/4 of fresh blueberries and a little skim milk. She also had coffee with 1/2 and 1/2. I put in 3 drops of fenugreek to counteract the cream in her coffee.

About an hour later I went to her room to see how she was doing. She had the wild eye look going and was looking around in the big family room for someone. Not sure who it was this time.

I suggested that we check her sugar readings because their was no one in the house.

Her reading was 171! No wonder she was seeing people. I had her walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

We checked her readings again after exercising and she got 93 as her blood glucose reading. I asked her if she saw anyone, she said, "No. They're all gone."

She was hungry so she ate a nectarine.

About a half our later I went to check on her and she started to tell me about the sign the man hung on the door with a clown face on it. Again I told her that there was no sign on the door.

We checked her blood sugar. It was 141.

I made her a cup of tea with 2 drops of fenugreek extract. She's drinking it now.

What this tells us is that when she eats a nectarine it raises her sugar about 50 or 60 points. Each fenugreek drop lowers her sugar about 15 points. So that she is good until lunch time, we are lowering her sugar about 30 points to be in the low 100's (2 drops = 30 points.)

I am beginning to believe that dementia can be controlled through good blood sugar control. Fenugreek helps by regulating the glucose absorption into the blood stream. It keeps sugar from spiking. When my mom's sugar spikes, she has dementia episodes like the night she called the police and reported me missing and "a man in bed" with her.

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