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18 June 2009

Does Selflessness Lead to Happiness?

On Sunday morning I watched the Sunday Morning Show on one of the local network channels. This weeks human interest story was about Astor Brooke. She was a true philanthropist, giving of herself to help others less fortunate.

The story told about her life with images and interviews. She always appeared happy. Not the plastic sort of happy look that some people masquerade through life wearing, but a happiness that was born in the core of her being.

I began to think of other philanthropists and each of them appeared genuinely happy. Some had money, some didn't. It wasn't the money that made the wealthy happy. It was the opportunity to give of themselves to another human who needed assistance.

This got me thinking about my own happiness quotient. How happy am I? When am I happiest? The answer was easy for me, when I'm helping someone who needs help. Then again, I'm happy most of the time, why not?

Internal happiness is definitely self made. What I've come to understand through personal experience is that helping others is definitely empowering and it is like the desert of life... very sweet tasting and sticks with you for a long long time.

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