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11 June 2009

Senior Centers: Key to Help Seniors Stay Involved in Life

Yay! Ma went to our awesome Senior Center (pictured to the left) today to play Bingo. Wooo Hoooo!!

Jo always loved playing Bingo. She wins a lot which is probably why she always liked to play the game. Her secret? She "wishes" the numbers to come out that she wants. If she's not distracted by a chatty neighbor, she sees her number and next thing she knows she's yelling Bingo!

The first time she went she won $22. The 2nd time she went she must have sat with mean people because she never wanted to go back again. Her excuse? She told me that they read the numbers too fast.

I've been to the Center with out my mom and met many of the staff and volunteers. The Director of the Billerica COA Outreach Program is fabulous. Have you ever met someone and said to yourself, "Now that woman is in a job that she loves." ? This is our Director, Marilyn Keating. A human angel if I have ever met one.

One thing that I didn't know before visiting the center, the COA staff like to know when first timers are visiting the center. Knowing provides them an opportunity to help make their experience enjoyable, enticing them to return at another time. Once I learned this little fact, I made sure to notify them that my mom was coming today.

I'm sure she will have a great experience and want to go back again and again.

I packed her a nice lunch and pulled out her Bingo seat cushion from a top shelf in the garage. One of her complaints is that the seats are too hard. Problem solved. She can't use that as an excuse not to go.

This morning I said to her, "Today is Bingo Day! I'll bring you over to the center about 11:30 so that you can get a good seat." She said, "Well, I don't know if I'm going to feel good." I said, "Sure you will feel great. It's good for you to get out with out me. Besides, you can help me by letting folks your age see how good you are doing on your healthy diet." That was all I had to say... next time I stopped in her room she was dressed and ready to go.

I watched her through the window at the center. She asked me not to drive away until I saw that she was in. I waited. She never turned around to wave at me, she was heading down the hall with one of the volunteers.

Today I'm praying to the Universe to allow my mom to see how much fun she can have at the center everyday. It would be super if she made some friends.

Tomorrow is line dancing class at the center at 2pm. I'm going to go with my mom to take the lessons so that I can help her learn the moves for the next dance in September.

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