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05 June 2009

A Good Day Is NOW Defined as a Day without Carbohydrates

Today, Josie had a really good day. I have seen over and over again, the days where we limit her carbs and keep her blood sugar readings below 115, she's clear as a bell and not demented AT ALL!!

I've learned that giving my mom a cup of Fenugreek Tea (here's my first blog about this awesome tea) with 2-3 drops of Fenugreek Extract


So, my cat, Savita who has her own YOUTUBE site here, came up to my room after I had tucked in my mom. She did her "tricks" to get her 3 treats and then she wanted to get the heck back to Josie. She actually wanted to stop at 2 treats. She appeared to want out of my room and get to her Josie.

I coaxed her to stay for the 3rd treat. She's such a treat whore. Her favorites are WhiskerLickin's. Who knows if they're good for her but man are they good training treats!

I let her out after the 3rd treat.

Brian fell asleep.

Me, wide awake, finally some time to myself. Yay!

Then, I heard Brian's cellphone beeping that it's battery is running low. I thought... OH NO! Where's my cellphone?! I thought I left it downstairs so I gingerly walked down the squeeky stairs which were next to my mom's bedroom. Shit! I know I woke her.

I poked my head into her room and said, "It's me Ma, Sue... It's really me. Don't be scared."

I walked in and she said, "The kid is going to drop the golden ball. He's running all over the place."

I don't know what made the words come out of my mouth but I said, "Hey, stop that! You are coming upstairs with me. OK, ALL OF YOU. LEAVE MA ALONE! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WILL YOU JUST LET HER SLEEP! You all don't want to make me mad, do you know who I am?"

My mom said, "Oh, thank you." with deep appreciation, I could hear it in her tone of voice.

I then told her, "You will have a great night sleep. I'm taking everyone upstairs with me. They don't dare bother you or they will have to answer to me." She got a big smile on her face and closed her eyes gently shut. I stroked her head and put her hair behind her ears like her mom used to do to her. I know how to do it, she used to do it to me. I gave her positive hypnotic suggestions and assured her that all the people were with me, they didn't dare bother her.

I do hope this method of playing along works.

I do know that people with dementia can feel the caregivers emotions. I was pretty darn calm. I had nearly finished an entire bottle of wine by myself. I'm definitely relaxed.

Tomorrow, I've got a tee time at 12 noon with Brian and my brother-in-law's sister, Mary. We're playing 9 holes in Middleton, a par three course. Perfect for not playing. I'd love to play Far Corners but don't want to annoy those golfers who've been playing every week for a couple of months.

I do love the Middleton Course. I'll bring my camera and capture the fun. Brian will get to play with 2 fine women, he'll be the envy of the course. Hey, maybe the Universe will make some single guy, Mary's age, go to Middelton to play golf at noon and he'll be teamed up with Brian, me and Mary? Oh... It's a long shot but boy, wouldn't it be magic if it did happen?

Back to the post that I thought I was going to write about Carbohydrates and how it seems to cause dementia episodes.

Well, it does make them worse, I can totally attest to this fact. I can also substantiate the claims that I've read on the internet where it says it can take days for the effects of bread, pasta and preservatives to bring someone back to a normal mental state.

My mom usually sleeps well once I give her a Melatonin tablet. Tonight, she was woken up. I think it is because the new neighbors were out bouncing a basketball. I am hoping that my positive talk and reassuring touch gave her the feeling that everything is going to be OK.

I do have my cellphone with me. Hopefully she'll call me instead of the police. I doubt she'll call the police because she was mortified all week knowing that she called them for one of her hallucinations.

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