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22 June 2009

Low Glycemic Index Eating Keeps "The Man" Away!

For the last 5 days I've been helping my mom (and me) stick to a LGI diet (low glycemic index = LGI)

Her blood sugar readings have been fabulous and she hasn't had any visitors in 5 days! No night terrors either. More and more I'm beginning to believe that what we eat effects every part of our being, mind, body and soul.

Yet, I know this seems like a huge claim, but really it isn't. I'm beginning to realize that we don't need to take all the damn drugs that the pharmaceuticals are manipulating our doctors into believing that we NEED them to get well.

I don't know about you but I've seen the results of the pharma's medicines, they nearly killed my mother and me in the process. How?

My mom was given so many drugs to treat ailments that the doctors found. She is from the old school where you trusted the doctor and believed he was a "god." My mom took the meds that she was given. Her health declined, slowly at first and then it started to pick up speed once she was on about 10 pharma meds.

Mom's lived with me through her drug years and eventually her illness began to effect me. I wrote in previous posts how she'd run through the house screaming about a baby and how we needed to save "the baby." At 2am, out of sound sleep, you find yourself jumping out of bed to save "the baby."

Well, once I woke up I realized that there is no baby in our house, just the cat so I would spend about an hour talking mom out of her craziness. How I travelled and did my job is still amazing to me, but I did it. Many times my job was my escape... boy do I miss having a real job. Caregiving is the hardest job I've ever had to do but on the flip side, at times it's been very rewarding.

Fast forward to today and mom is off all her pharma meds including all synthetic insulin, down to just 2 high blood pressure medicines and lots of supplements, CoQ10, Red Krill Oil (omega 3), Vitamin D, 81mg aspirin and Apple Polyphenol. She uses fenugreek with every meal to help her body absorb the carbs slowly and keep her blood sugar from spiking.

I've learned with the help of my mom that what we eat matters. I have also learned that saying NO you can't have this or that or that makes you want it all the more. With this I figured out the secret ingredient to add to comfort foods like bread and pasta... yup, you guessed it, FENUGREEK. I use the powder form in baking and it works awesome.

Mom can now have pasta that I make from scratch using my bread machine to mix the dough. Fenugreek powder (1 gram = 1/4 tsp)

Calculating glycemic index in foods is time consuming. Here's a really good article that I found which describes how to calculate Glycemic Index of food.

Mom's blood sugar has not gone above 130 (even after meals) for several days. She's exercising every day again (I am too) and sticking to her health plan. She's not waking up in the night confused and wondering who's going to take her home or trying to keep "the man" locked up in her bathroom.

Anything that you can buy that is labeled "fast" and "easy" will help you to get on the pharmaceutical subscription plan and eventually take your life or your fortune (because you'll end up in a nursing home prison.)

It's your choice. The body can rejuvenate itself if you give it the love and attention that it needs. I have seen how the body can miraculously heal itself by eating right, exercising and keeping a positive mental attitude.

Staying healthy does take work but the result of your hard work brings you many days of feeling GREAT!

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