I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

20 February 2010

Sleep is AWESOME!

Sleep... it's awesome when we get to have some.  Last night, we all got our rest.... even me!

The hypnosis recording appears to be working great for my mom. 

Last night just before she listened to her recording she said to me, "Susie, I want to find my words. I want to be able to talk to everyone again."

I explained to my mom how I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy and I believe that we can re-wire her brain so that it bypasses the areas that are causing her trouble. Explaining the process to her, she sat attentitively and listened. She was interested in what I had to say!

She asked again, "Susie, please help me find my words, it's what I want very badly."

"Great!" I replied.

Continuing, I said to her, "Ma, one of the messages that I had put on the recording states just that... "I easily find my words!" Using my best hypnosis voice, I began to say the phrase with enthusiasm and lots of happy emotion, my mom began to repeat the phrase with me.

"I easily find my words!" My mom exclaimed.

"Excellent, Ma. Now let's put the headphones on and listen to the recording so that your subconscious hears it. Let's begin the rewiring!"

"See you in the morning, Ma.  I love you!"  I said to my mom after tucking her in.

"Oakey Doakey, Dear, I love you too." She sang.

YES!  She was happy and smiling.  The frown was turned upside down.  Wooo hooo!

My mom woke up after me this morning.  She is happy.  She isn't trying to avoid walking on the dark areas of the carpeting, as though she's going to fall into a hole.  Her speach is clear, free of stuttering.  She is finding her words, the most important thing to my mom these days.

Now as for me, the reason I slept is because of my Valentine's Day gift from my dear sweet husband.  I am at the age where I have night sweats at night with hot flashes.  Nothing worse than being woken up from being too hot and sweating, even when the room temperature is set to 50 degrees F!  My husband, he toughs it out going to sleep in heavy sweats and extra blankets. 

Last week he was getting ready for work and Rachel Ray came on TV.  He saw a clip about remedies for hot flashes, my biggest issue.  If it's not my mom keeping me awake at night, it's the hot flashes and night sweats. 

The women on the show were each given  a remedy to try, including the Chillow, a new pillow.  The women who used the Chillow were genuinely excited about it and talked how well it helped them to sleep.  There was a female doctor on the show who swore by the Chillow for helping women with hot flashes.

My husband... he got me one for Valentine's Day.  Last night, I used it for the first time.  I can NOT believe how awesome my new pillow is.  I slept through the night.  When I felt myself getting hot, I moved my head to a different part of the pillow and I heard sizzling sounds.  The pillow began to get cold and my hotflashes WENT AWAY!  No night sweating either. 

I highly recommend the Chillow if you are having hot flashes keep you awake at night.  I love my Chillow.  I have included a link to Amazon so that you can buy one for yourself and get a good night sleep too.


  1. Your use of hynotismm and diet, and all your other techniques is making remarkable improvements in her condition. That is so exciting! It may not be a "cure" but anything that slows or halts that awful downward spiral must make you both feel so much better. Its easier to face the day!

    Do you know if these techiques are being studied anywhere? If they are bringing such improvements to your mom so quickly, the rest of the sufferers and caregivers would surely want to try them as well!

  2. Hi Mellodee... I don't know anyone who's doing what I'm doing with my mom.

    I do know for a fact that Hypnosis helps Alzheimer's patients. There is a study that I posted a few days ago in one of my posts.

    What I've discovered is a 3 prong solution through the Mind, Body and Spirit. All 3 combined keep my mom balanced, creating more good days.

    I'm writing my book about my discoveries and hope to have it in ebook form by the summer.