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17 February 2010

Experiment: Hypnosis and Dementia ... Rewiring the Brain

The brain has always interested me... always.  I can remember being a little kid of about 8 years old and borrowing a book from the library, "How the Brain Works."  It was an adult book, a book that was way too difficult for me to read, but I tried.  I remember sitting out in my back yard on a hot summer day, sitting in the shade and reading that book.  I couldn't understand the book but it still interested me because it was about the brain.

I have believed for a long time in the power of the mind.  Personally I have proven to myself over and over again that the brain... the human mind can accomplish everything that it sets out to achieve.  Even the impossible is made possible through the abilities of the human mind.  If we can think it, we can become it.

Can hypnosis help to rewire the brain of a demented individual?  I believe the answer is YES

Last night I made a valiant attempt to make my mom's hypnosis recording so that she could listen to it as she was falling asleep.  Unfortunately, I saved the file in the wrong format and it wouldn't play on my mom's mp3 player. 

Knowing that I needed to give my mom suggestions so that her day is better today, I decided to say the phrases from her custom made hypnosis script; the phrases that I had put on the recording which I saved in the wrong format.

Yesterday, my mom gradually got worse as the day went on.  She was reverting back to Uncle Al type behavior.  Walking on a dark spot on the floor or carpet, my mom began thinking that they were holes in the floor.  Gingerly she would step, feeling the dark spot as though she was dipping her toe into the water to check the temperature.  Her words... she couldn't find them.  She was frustrated because she could remember her words the day before but yesterday, she was losing them again.

I changed her bed sheets last night and sprayed them with Lavender mist which I make by putting a few drops of organic lavender oil into a small spray bottle filled with water.  I make sure that her pillows are scented.  Aromatherapy.... why not?  It seems to help.

Part of our new ritual, give mom lots of hugs.  I hug her all the time and tell her that she's safe and at home.  I hug her as I say, "Oh, my little Mommy... you are a good mom."  My mom, she loves it when I say that sentence to her, loves it.  She hugs me back and snuggles me like I did to her when I was a little girl.  Love has a lot of power.  People don't use the power of love enough, love heals.

8 PM, my mom's bed time arrived and I rushed up to tuck her in.  She took her 8 drops of Ashwagandha extract in her little blue shot glass of cold water, one 10 mg Lisinopril for her high blood pressure, 3mg of Melatonin, one 1000 mg of Vitamin D3 and two sprays in her mouth of Bach's Rescue Sleep Remedy made from the essence of flowers.

I helped my mom position herself on her pillows so that she doesn't snore.  She had a serious case of sleep apnea before she lost 90 pounds.  She couldn't wear the CPAP mask at night, she had trouble breathing with it because she has a deviated septum. Sleep deprivation was making her dementia symptoms worse.

My mom was in her sleep position as I begin to gently stroke her head, just as my mom did to me when I was small ... the same thing her mom did to her when she was a young girl.  I began feeding her suggestions, all the suggestions that I had just recorded but wasn't able to put on her mp3 player because I missed the last formatting step.

I began....

It is now ok to feel safe and secure

It is now OK to release fears

Every day in every way I am getting better and better

Everyday my mind is stronger and stronger
My mom began to laugh, she was laughing and laughing as I made the suggestions.  EXCELLENT!  Emotion helps suggestions penetrate the subconscious mind.  Even humor works... I didn't stop, I continued....

I am a worthwhile person

I attract joy into my life

I feel wonderful today
My mom, she settled down, closed her eyes and was out like a light within 30 seconds.

3 AM  - Squeak, Squeak

Mom was up.  I rushed upstairs to help her back to bed.  She greets me in the kitchen, "Where's the bathroom?  I need to find the bathroom!"

I lead her down the hall to her bathroom and then I tucked her back into bed. 

It is now almost 8 AM.  My mom is still sleeping.  I checked on her, she's breathing.  She's got a soft gentle restful sounding breath; she's getting rest. 

Today, it WILL BE A GREAT DAY!  That's my prediction.  It always is when my mom sleeps through the night.  Her recording is ready for her. We will begin the process of rewiring her brain using hypnosis.  From my observations, hypnosis works and works well.  The brain is magnificent with endless potentials and possibilities to give us all happy days right up to the moment we take our last breath.

Interesting Abstracts from the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis - European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis Reduces Dementia


  1. I truly hope it works for her (and you!) So simple!

  2. Thanks Mellodee... so far, it appears to be working. I'm holding myself back from getting giddy with excitment. It's WORKING!

  3. I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up
    Hypnosis Education

  4. You are welcome... thank you for reading my blog. My intention is to put my observations out there so that one day someone like you can read it and possibly help another person suffering from dementia.

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  6. thank you Todd... hypnosis is powerful, even with the demented mind!

  7. It is a fact that our brain and body react to vibrations and electricity, I think that with the proper tone or vibration a person can be hypnotized, maybe HAARP its what its all about.

  8. I took my mother who has dementia to a clinincal hypnotherapist. After the session it was like I had my mother back. We went shopping and had lunch together and she was just like she used to be; however within a couple of hours she had reverted back to her demented state. Today I used quantum touch on her and that seemed to calm her down a little.

  9. Anonymous... HOW AWESOME is this that you got a chance to be with your mom again, even if it was short lived.

    I use a recording for my mom, one where I dub the music with the positive phrases that are I use during a session with her.

    Maybe your hypnotherapist can help you with this, if not, I can help you.

    Additionally, Acupuncture works REALLY well for my mom. She's in 3rd stage Lewy Bodies dementia. Acupuncture helps her to find her words and speak. It also helps her balance. We do acupuncture 2 times a week, Monday and Friday. I have written about acupuncture here in my blog. I've included the link to all the articles that I found about Acupuncture. A licensed Acupuncturist can do this for your mom. Acupuncture is pretty darn amazing.


  10. Do you have any audio download link of "Every day in every way..."?

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  12. Susan, my dad has Alzheimers and I would love to talk to you off-blog about your experience with Hypnosis with your mom. I pray for both of you and am so thankful you are using hypnosis and positive affirmations. I have a campaign right now called Hypnotherapy for Alzheimers on Indiegogo. I'm not taking this as an opp to promote my campaign, but rather tell you I'm serious about using this stuff. So serious I've decided to go back to school to study neuroscience and in the interim go get my Hypnotherapy License here in American so I can work with people like your mom and my dad. I shed a tear reading your story because it's all too personal..this is where my father is going. My father is on phoshatydl serene, Vitmain A, B12, massive amounts of coconut oil, and soon, hopefully a compound of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulbutiamine though I am researching where to find this. You can also visit my campaign video which explains why hypnosis just might work with Alzheimer's. http://youtu.be/Teuwgvjl5bM. After graduating school in May next year, I would love to offer my hypnotherapy services to help your mother. I would also like to know what has worked best so far. What was the induction technique used. etc. God bless you!!

    1. Jamie, thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear your dad has memory issues.

      My mom passed on Valentines Day this year. She had a peaceful end. my mom was not on pharmaceuticals to treat her dementia. She was on one high blood pressure med.

      There's a lot I can share with you about my experiences. Email me at my personal email address which can be found on my about page.

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