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16 February 2010

Hypnosis and the Demented Mind

I've been doing a bit of an experiment with my mom.  I want to see how long the hypnosis suggestions last from the session that I had given to my mom on Friday. 

Last night she woke up at 2 and again at 4:30.  She was just awake.  No hallucinations, nothing was bothering her, she had slept enough. 

The effects of the last hypnosis session lasted 3 days.  It will be interesting to see how well my mom does today after having interupted sleep this morning.

Today my mom will start meditating, using the recording that I'd made for her.  My mom appears more suggestible than most folks that I've used hypnosis.  I wonder if it has something to do with the state her brain is in from the Alzheimer's with Lewy Bodies?

I've observed that when my mom sleeps through the night, her days are outstanding and she's very clear in her thinking, she is present in our world.  She finds words much more easily when she has her rest. 

Hypnosis appears to help her sleep so that all the supplements and vitamins that she takes can do their job while her body is resting.  Sleep rejuvenates our bodies and minds. 

I've heard from a former care giver that some of the supplements that my mom is taking have been known to reverse Alzheimer's... could it be happening to my mom? 

Could we be reversing her Alzheimer's with natural remedies and treatments like hypnosis and Reiki?

Is it because we are working to heal my mom's WHOLE being, Mind, Body and Spirit? 

All I can do is report on the experiences that I'm seeing with my mother.  Today she is clear, talking, finding her words and telling me about dreams that she had with my brother Ed and her brother Auggie.  She knows that they were dreams and not real visits by her son and brother who are both dead.  Today, my mom is able to distinguish between her dreams and reality.  To me, this is a huge break through. 

It's hard to take one day at a time, but I know that I must and enjoy every minute with my mom. 

Yesterday, she began to make a quilt with little circles of fabric.  We'll work on the quilt together so that one day when my mom has left her Earthly body, I will have the quilt to wrap around me when I need a hug from my mom.

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