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17 February 2010

Hypnosis Shown To Reduce Symptoms Of Dementia

Hypnosis Shown To Reduce Symptoms Of Dementia


  1. You know there are so many medical conditions that have responded well to hypnosis...I would think chances of improving the symptoms of dementia would be possible.

    Often dementia is related to or coincides with the brain's natural aging process...just like muscles that are unused the brain also goes through what's term "atrophy".

    if that's the case...it might not be (hypnosis) as successful.

    But like you've said....miracles happen :)

  2. Thanks for that link Sue, we must chase all hope.
    I find it incredulous that young people can also fall victim to Dementia.

  3. Roschelle... thank you for your comment; I always appreciate your weighing in when it's medical related - who knows better than our nurses!

    Hypnosis appears to be working for my mom and we're both pretty happy. I do hope that we can bypass any atrophy using hypnosis.

    Cleo... you are very welcome for the link. Dementia can hit anyone! I believe processed food is a big culprit to a lot of our illnesses.

    I changed our diet and my mom has improved all around ... best of all, we have all lost weight and feel much better every day.