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15 December 2010

Pill Swallowing Solutions

Finally, I am beginning to feel that I have some control over my life and my happiness.  I am able to do something that has become increasingly more difficult as my mom has been declining deeper into a child-like state of being; I can clean.  I feel liberated as I am able to clear clutter, dust and cob webs from our home.

Mom is still slipping, each day I am noticing less that she is able to do on her own.  No longer can she dress herself, she requires assistance.  She just can't figure out how to put cloths on.  Well, not at the appropriate times anyway, for some unknown reason, at 2am when she's frantic to GET OUT, she has no trouble getting fully dressed with shoes, hat, coat and gloves.

Her spirits were good today.  She was able to swallow her pills with a little coaching, we did it within 15 minutes this morning.  She was pleased.  I was happy.  The morning went off without a hitch, except that my microwave broke and I couldn't heat water for a cup of tea.  The van came at 7:10 AM to whisk mom off to the day program; another day to myself to accomplish items on my very long to-do list.

I did search for a solution online to her pill taking trouble.  I found a pill taking cup that is an aid to help folks who have trouble swallowing pills, especially large supplements.  The pill cup I found initially through a search online, cost $15.  I was ready to order it but I read a review by someone who made a comment that their are cheaper alternatives.  I saw a few cheaper versions online and decided to head out to the local pharmacy to see if I could find one.

I was directed to a medical supply store across the street from the pharmacy, they had one in stock but in another store.  They'll have it for me today.  I love the price too, $2.52!

Dr. Barton is also helping by changing her supplements to liquid versions, easier for her to swallow and ingest.    For cognition, we'll try a powder that I can mix in her oatmeal every morning.  Her high blood pressure and cognition supplements are the troublesome capsules because of their size.

My fingers are crossed.  I hope the liquid and powder works for her, otherwise I really don't know what we'll do... we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.  In the meantime, I'm grateful to have found alternative solutions to help her to continue to take natural remedies.

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