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10 December 2010

A Lesson in Patience

My mom, she's definitely feeling good these days.  She is back to her defiant old self, saying NO just for the sake of saying NO.  My mom admittedly told me that she likes to see if she can make me cry.  Old habits never die, not even for the demented mind.

What I have experienced is that my mom's lifetime habits have been amplified.  Passive aggressive behaviors that were always annoying to me are now even more prevalent and the root to lots of my angst with caring for my mom.  Patience is required, lots of patience.

Fortunately, I am feeling rested.  The respite that I have every day and on the weekends is helping me to cope with my mom's fight for control in her life.  A control that is slipping away gradually, leaving her feeling lost and longing to "Go Home."  One day, the bus will come for her and whisk her away to her home in Heaven where she can be with all those who have passed before her; people she longs for every waking minute of every day.

In the meantime, I need to nurture patience in myself so that I am able to help her leave this Earth gracefully and in peace.


  1. Lessons in patience are the hardest!

  2. Amen Sistah! All I can say is thank God for Belkis, my mom's Care Attendant and Companion. She is giving me time to enjoy the little things in life. I feel like I can breath again.