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31 December 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Yesterday I picked my mom up at 2:30 like I do every weekday; just like one would do for a child who attends school.  My mom, she believes she goes to school.  Sometimes she thinks it's stupid and declares upon awaking, "I'm staying home today."

Guess again Ma.  I help her get ready and off she goes, giving me several hours of perceived freedom.

Whenever I arrived, there sat my mom with her party hat.  She was a bit grumpy looking, she was ready to go.  She was upset that she couldn't eat the snacks, goldfish crackers.

She came home with a new scarf, a scarf that one of the Care Attendants gave her.  My mom loves scarves.

Yesterday, the Day Program had their little party for the attendants, my mom seemed to enjoy herself, right up to the end when she couldn't have the crackers because they have ingredients we don't eat.  Wheat gluten being top of the list, it causes explosive shits that I end up cleaning.  I'll do everything that I can to stop feces from flying free in my home.

My mom had potato and corn with her lunch yesterday, 2 foods that we avoid and haven't eaten in a long time.  My mom was a bit more agitated yesterday afternoon, right up until the time she went to bed.  I won't allow potato and corn in her diet, not as long as she lives with me because it makes caring for her impossible; behaviors where she lashes out at me, angry for her losing control over her life.

Here's a picture of what my mom looked like when I walked in yesterday to pick her up.

Happy New Year!
Ma at the Day Program


  1. It really is like caring for a child. I had no idea that gluten caused such a mess.

    Now do potatoes and corn do the same or why do you avoid them?

  2. Gluten seems to cause a huge mess. If she avoids eating it, my steam cleaners don't need to come out of the closet.

    Potato and corn tend to raise her blood sugar levels very fast. I learned long ago that when my mom's blood sugar goes up fast she begins to hallucinate a lot and becomes super paranoid. The paranoia raises her blood pressure which makes the entire situation way worse.

    Elevated blood sugar and blood pressure together, mom has no idea who I am or where she lives... she tells me that she hates me during these times and then tries to find an exit to get away. It is stressful.

    Diet really is important for managing my mom's weird behaviors. I have learned that keeping her blood sugar down helps her blood pressure and hallucinations are friendly. I don't mind the friendly hallucinations, they entertain her.