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08 December 2010

Another Good One!

Ma, waiting for the van to take her to "school."
Good days.  Oh how I LOVE the good days as a Care Giver to my demented mother.  She's funny.  I enjoy her company when she's having a good day.  Mom laughs a lot on good days.  Her appetite is very good too when she's riding the wave of good times.

Yesterday, my mom and I had our hair done.  It was enjoyable for both of us.  My mom felt like she was in control of herself, she chose her own hair color.  "I look Italian!"  She exclaimed when she saw me.

"Well Ma, you are Italian so that's very good.  You look so young."  I replied.

Mom stood a bit taller and smiled bright.  She was talkative and eager to walk around the supermarket.  Boy, did we walk the store; my mom kept up with me.  A spring was in her step as she pushed the cart, reminding me of items that I had told her I needed.

My mom had a fabulous day.

Today, my mom woke up at 5 AM.  She was happy and smiling as she gave me a good morning hug.  Two nights in a row my mom slept through without waking and roaming during the wee hours.  She woke up aware and cognizant of her surroundings.  Swallowing her supplements was a snap; hard to believe that she had difficulty just a couple of days ago remembering how to take a pill.

Mom's acclimated to going to "school" every day.  The van arrives early at 7:15 AM to sweep my mom off to the Day Program to be with her friends.

She stood waiting patiently for Martha to arrive this morning, holding her lunch, standing like a little girl waiting for the bus.  The cats, they waited too, just like little puppy dogs.

Mom left this morning, happy and feeling beautiful because her hair was nice.

"See you at 2:30 Ma, I'll be there to pick you up after school."  I said to her as she replied, "OK, Dear.  Have a good day!"


  1. Looks like your mom is a busy lady. Good for her! and you!
    Greetings from snowy Helsinki!

  2. Greetings BLOGitse!!! Yes... my mom is busy and it's awesome.

  3. What a roller coaster ride you are on!! Peaks are always better than valleys, enjoy them!!