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07 December 2010

Like a Moving Ocean Wave

Black Sand Beach in Hilo, Hawaii
My mom's cognition is like a moving ocean wave.  Up and down, some waves better to ride than others, while then there are those swells that just make me want to call 911 to have the police take her to an insane asylum for a psych evaluation.

It's days like today that I now find myself living for, the good days with my mom.  Acupuncture is working fabulously for her once again.  She talked to my sister Donna on the phone for a long time last night; she is finding her words.  I dialed Don up when my mom was talking my ear off, an ear that needed a rest.  Thank you Donna for talking to Ma, I'm sure she entertained you with her conversation.

My mom's Care Attendant had a chuckle when she was helping my mom take a shower and my mom told her  "I have my period."  Not really, she was describing the skid marks in her diaper.

The crap stopped flying and I'm grateful.  Mom's been sleeping through the night too.  Last night she went to bed at 7:30 PM and woke up at 7:30 AM.  A care giver has got to love a 12 hour break at night... I sure did!

She is getting acclimated to our new routines with Belkis coming every day.  Our Care Attendant is awesome.  She understands my mom and how to get her to do things.  Belkis is teaching me, which is great.

I figured out how to help mom take her pills.  I give her a smaller glass.  It's easier for her to handle.  I also force myself to remain calm, my nervous energy tends to make her throat close up, rendering her helpless with a dissolved herbal supplement that tastes horrid.

Today, she swallowed all of her pills without any coaching from me.  She was so proud of herself, standing taller and more engaging in the world around her.  Today is like we are riding on the crest of a big wave, it feels so good to glide along... it's exhilarating and makes me feel giddy.  I will enjoy today because I know that this day too shall pass.

Today we are having our hair done.  My mom is excited.  I am too.  It's been far too long since we had a beauty day together.  Fun!


  1. So pleased you are having a good day.
    Hugs Jan

  2. Glad to hear you are having a good day!

  3. Great! Its amazing the little tricks we learn that make such a huge difference. Mom won't eat if there are more than 2 types of food on her plate. It seems to mix her up. So now if she finishes her carrots I will add a small scoop of potatoes. It works like a charm. She can focus on 2 but 3 is too much. There are all kinds of trial and error but whatever works!

  4. Jan, Missy and Kim... Thank you! It's really a great day. Mom loves her new hair-do.

    Kim... it's the little things, you are right. Sometimes I feel like I'm holding my breath under water and can't break water to catch my breath... then there comes a day like today.

  5. YAY!!!

    Got to love a good day. When they seem to come fewer and farther between, we caregivers SURE do need them. I'm glad you had one!! Write it down, Oh, you just did ;-)

  6. Thank you Kathy... I do appreciate your hugs. :-)

  7. Missy... so sorry that I missed acknowledging your comment. Thank you for taking time to drop me a note, they definitely help brighten my day.