I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

11 September 2010

Socializing Is Crucial For Her Demented Mind

Hallucinations are part of our life.  It's not unusual to see my mom out in the yard talking to her friends, friends that are hallucinations which only she can see.

There are days when she will talk to inanimate objects in the yard, believing that they are children, women or men.  The men, they are always good looking and she frequently will invite them in for dinner.  I make them rainbows and put them in a bowl because they can't eat our food.

My mom accepts that they can't eat our food, probably because there is always one too many melted ice cream bars, ice cream bars that she always tries to share.  She sort of understands that her food is not good for her "friends."  I've told her that if they ate our food too, we'd have an even bigger problem feeding the living people on Earth.

I've noticed that if my mom is upset about anything, the hallucinations will be unsettling to her, creating more angst in her mind.  It can snowball into a panic if we don't get her to focus on something happy.  It's during these times when she's agitated that I give her a little Hyoscyamus Niger, a homeopathic remedy that our ND has prescribed.  It works within 15 minutes.  The hallucinations don't go away, they just become more friendly and happy.

We have been able to stop her hallucinations with Helleborus Niger but it also makes her mad if she can't see her friends.  I really don't care if she sees people and things, as long as she isn't annoyed or upset over what she's witnessing.

Lately, my mom is happy.  The Adult Day Care Program is helping her a lot.  Socializing with people other than me is allowing her happier days.  She laughs and has fun with the other people who attend the program.  The head nurse told us yesterday that she is doing great.  She goes from one activity to the next, she participates, laughs and is beginning to feel like it's her place.  We were told that she's now holding doors for people, she's become the door lady.

Tuesday comes and she knows she goes to school.  I've told her that I called Dream Master and all her friends know that she will be in school until 2:30.  My mom's routine is school and then when she gets home she can listen to my iPad, carrying it around like a book.  My mom will not let the "book" out of her sight.  The music that she listens to from Pandora Radio over the internet is fabulous.  Frank Sinatra variety of songs makes her believe that my dad is singing to her.

Jack Johnson, she believes he is one of her 3 Greek boyfriends who are all brothers.  She has never seen Jack Johnson's picture, just listens to his music.  His music makes her believe that he is Greek, one of 3 brothers that look a like, she can't tell them apart; this is when she crosses the line of too much information.

My mom is funny.  Her stories are woven into a life that exists in her mind and one where I need to dip my toe into her world of illusion in order to validate her hallucinations.  Validating her visions seems to put her at ease.

My mom believes that I have a special connection to the other side.  She believes that I know stuff and don't tell her everything.  Probably because I told her that it's against the Universal Laws for me to tell her somethings, that I tell her too much as it is.  She believes that she's privy to living here with the living and wherever her dead friends exist.

Day care (school) appears to be the missing part to her health plan.  Her happiness level has risen, she smiles and laughs more.  She enjoys dancing and will dance around the house or backyard on a whim.  Acupuncture helps her find her words and socializing is crucial for her demented mind, it allows my mom to stay present with the living.


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