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19 September 2010

Good Day for Everyone... Especially the Cats

Ma and Jay at Mann's Orchard having coffee
Yesterday morning, even though my mother woke up screaming that she needed to get to church, the day ended up being a really good day for everyone.

The Hyoscyamus worked well to ease my mom's agitation, just as I had expected.  She put on headphones and listened to music, music that made her dance and sing around the house.  I love Frank Sinatra for the peace his music brings to my home.

I have been thinking of Jay.  My little aunt who was always there for us when we were struggling.  My mom and Jay were best of friends for as long as I can remember.  Yesterday, I was going to Mann's Apple Orchard to buy local vegetables and native fruit; it's not far from where Jay is living with my brother and sister-in-law.  I called and invited her out.

Initially, she told me that she was too tired to come out.  "I just woke up."  She said.  "I'm tired."

"Well, come on out, moving around and a change of scenery will do you a world of good.  Besides, I'd like to bring you to my house so that you can visit with your buddy Rachel."  I replied with enthusiasm.

Jay having lunch in our "luxurious" setting
Jay did come out with us to the farm .  She sat and had coffee with my mom while I walked around the farm stand gathering vegetables and fruit.  My mom usually sits and watches me from a table that overlooks the store as she sports a set of headphones that play the crooning of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.  Yesterday, my mom sat with Jay as they enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Jay visited with Rachel.  I served them lunch on our old dilapidated deck, setting up TV tray tables which prompted my MIL to say, "This is so luxurious!"   I missed a photo opportunity with Rachel and Jay together on the deck.

Toothless Savita and her prize
Savita, our cat with no teeth had caught a chipmunk which caught all of our attention.  Jay was bummed that she was torturing the animal.  Seeing Savita run with a chipmunk in her mouth, drop it in the middle of the yard, chase it ... repeat, had me following her around with my camera.

Whenever the kittens come home with their daily kill from their morning hunt, Savita seems to want to one up them, often coming home with a bigger rodent.

Yesterday, Shakti had brought home a field mouse, Sammy brought home a mole and Savita, she brought  a chipmunk.

What makes Savita amazing is that she's 9 years old and lost all but her front teeth to a virus that she caught as a kitten in the wild.  She's lost weight since we moved her and took control of feeding her.  She is happy.  She goes outside and has her favorite hunting spot where she waits for any rodent to cross her path.

Yesterday, Savita had a successful hunt.  Sammy the cat seemed impressed as he dropped his mole on the patio and hurried over to see what Savita had going on in the middle of the lawn.

He even had the nerve to try and steal the dead chipmunk away from Savita but she would not have it.  Growling and hissing chased Sammy away from her prize.  Savita sat proudly by her chipmunk, making sure everyone knew that it was hers, especially Sammy who I've seen lower his head to the ground and dip his paw into a hole as he flipped a startled mole into the air.

Jay had a nice visit with her buddy Rachel.  My mom was happy and having a very good day.  She listened to her music, dancing around the yard and singing out loud as she watched Brian do yard work.   Jay and Rachel kept an eye on her, making note of where she was and alerting me if she was out of their sight.  "JO!"  I heard them yell a few times.  My mom didn't hear them, she was busy listening to music and watching for her "friends."

Most important, I had a great day yesterday.  My mother was occupied and I had other folks here to watch her so I could have a little break.  It was awesome.  Everyone had a great day yesterday, even the cats.


  1. glad to hear everyone had a great day.

    that poor mole looks like he's seen better day ;)

  2. Thanks Roschelle, it was an awesome day.

    The mouse and chipmunk had a challenging day too!

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