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09 September 2010

It's All He Wanted

Uncle Al at Revere Beach
... today another item on his bucket list will be achieved.
It's been a few days since I have written a post.  My writing time is limited during the day. I either have time to write a blog post or reply to email notes.  The last few days, I've been writing email notes instead of blogging, it was way more important.

What could be more important that writing blog posts?  Mending fences.  Rekindling friendships that were once believed gone forever.

Over the weekend, I got the surprise of my life, my cousin Maryann, Uncle Al's daughter, reached out to me.  We spoke on the phone and cleared up misunderstandings.  We wrote long email notes back and forth... we began mending our hurt feelings.  We rose above our own egos and had our first adult conversation, the first one we had ever had with each other.  It felt so good to talk and listen and communicate.

Today, Maryann and I are visiting Uncle Al.  She moved him to a home closer to where she lives.  Uncle Al sees his granddaughter.  He sees his daughter and son-in-law.  Today, Uncle Al's dream will come true, he will see Maryann and me together as friends.

I do hope Uncle Al is in a good mental state today.  I hope he recognizes us.  It will be so awesome for him to know that Maryann and I are talking again; that we are friends.  It's all he wanted.  I'm excited to see him today and even more excited to meet my cousin's little girl.

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