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13 September 2010

Dancing With Ma

Instead of TV, I play music in our home.  I blast Pandora Radio in my mom's favorite sitting room that looks out into the back yard where she can see all of her "friends."

Frank Sinatra croons like my dad once did;  Dad sounded like Frank to me with a voice that was strong and clear. My mom believes that Frank Sinatra is my dad singing to her, music that seems to carry her away to a time long ago when my mom would go to the Oceanview and dance to the top hits of her day.

Big band music makes her move.  First her feet start to tap and then her legs move a little to the left, a little to the right as she looks out the window for any activity that she may witness from her hallucinations.  Happy music brings happy hallucinations.  Big Band music is happy music.

Yesterday, my mom was feeling a bit blue; she was bored.  The days she goes to the Day Care Program she comes home happy, dancing all afternoon until it's time for dinner.  I have been playing music on the days when she's home, it helps.  I also dance into the room and around the kitchen so that she can see me.  She laughs and makes comments like the one from yesterday, "Gee, you look like you are going to start stripping!"

I danced with my mom yesterday.  It was her idea.  She came over to me, grabbed my hand and put her hand around my waist as she laid her head on my shoulder.  It was so sweet.  I wish someone was around with a video camera.

We danced and laughed.  My mom told me to "go with the flow" and to "stop rocking back and forth, it's not how it's done!"

I'm grateful for the way things are turning out for us.  My mom likes the Day Care Program, the regularity and the scheduled activities keep her mind occupied on the living.  She does look for her hallucinations outside in the trees, even while she's at "school," but she also knows that they are just there to see how much fun she is having with her living friends.

Dancing with Ma is new for us, moving to the music brings her joy.  Her joy translates into happy hallucinations, hallucinations that make her laugh.  I can not ask for anything more!

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