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25 August 2009

Why are People Sheeple?

I've been thinking about the healthcare fight in this country and watching the news and TV ads that are working over time to kill the personal option to healthcare.

What I find to be insanity at it's finest are the people who could benefit most from a personal healthcare option are the very people who have been convinced that the insurance companies need to continue to rape them of all their money.

Last week I saw Rep Anthony Weiner on Morning Joe's show and he asked Joe Scarborough a question that Joe would not answer. He asked Joe, what do insurance companies have to offer healthcare?

The logical answer is, NOTHING. The insurance companies very existence is to make money and lots of it. Have you ever been turned down by your insurance company for a test which a doctor ordered? If you have it leaves you scratching your head and asking the question, "What am I paying this insurance company for?"

The insurance companies are making money off the hides of the same American people who are fighting for the insurance companies rights to continue on with the healthcare for profit plan.

You know, healthcare for profit doesn't work... this is the problem. Did you know that Medicare is a government healthcare option that works? The CEO of Medicare doesn't bring home a huge salary, he earns something in the neighborhood of 150K per year and Medicare is working. Medicare keeps the insurance companies under control so that they don't overcharge.

How come it's OK for the CEO's of the big insurance companies to make 7 and 8 figure salaries? Who is worth that much money? Another question, if these individuals are worth the big salaries that they take home, how come we are in such a healthcare crisis right now?

I have more questions...

How come it takes months to see a specialist under the current plan? The argument that people are toting, that it will take us months to see a specialist... well, I've got news for you, it takes us months to see a specialist now, how is this better?

Why do people believe the public healthcare option will fail? Are they even looking at the current government healthcare option that our seniors receive? If Medicare is so bad, why don't the morning news shows have real senior citizens who have Medicare on to talk about how bad their healthcare plan is? Know why they don't? They can't find a senior to diss their awesome healthcare plan that everyone in this country has a right to receive.

The fear mongering ads that are on TV do not have the public interest in mind, they have the interest of the few who are profiting from the illnesses that are brought on by the poison sold as food and then treated with more poison from the pharmaceutical companies. It's a viscious cycle where we are used as pons.

Even my one time favorite market, Whole Foods is a huge disappointment. Especially after their CEO had the bright idea to write a memo about how bad the public healthcare option would be for the country.

(Here's the memo - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204251404574342170072865070.html )

I do want to thank the CEO for writing the memo because it made me open my eyes. Whole Foods is really like the Wal-Mart of all things that are supposedly Organic. A more fitting name would be Whole-Mart.

Yesterday I received an article in my email that I found very informative with solutions to Whole-Mart shopping. http://www.naturalnews.com/026906_food_foods_whole_foods.html

There are alternatives to Whole Foods, buy direct from farmers. Join a coop where you get your share of food, fresh from the farmer instead of from some farm in Mexico that uses pesticides.

The answer to our personal healthcare option really begins with each of us individually. It's our choice what we chose to eat. It's our choice what we chose to believe about anything that we hear. We all need to tune up our BS (belief system) and pay attention.

Now more than ever complacency must be avoided or you too will become one of the many people buying yachts and big mansions for the few business executives running the show. Do you want to be one of the "sheeple" who are lead to their ultimate slaughter by buying in to the mis-truths? I have been asking the question... "What is in it for the so called authority figures?" The answers typically point to one thing, MONEY... YOUR MONEY... they want it and don't care if they have to make you sick to get it.

Wake up and become a person who takes responsibility for yourself, initially it might be frightening but ultimately, it's very liberating.

Eating yourself healthy is the best solution to this problem we now face with our healthcare system, stop enabling the enablers.

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