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15 August 2009

Let their be light!

The other day I was out in our back yard with my mom and my mother-in-law. We were admiring the garden when I turned and saw this beautiful dragonfly on Rachel's hair. It looked like a hair ornament.
I know that dragonflies are a totem that let's the person who's life it enters, know that there is a big change coming. It's time to face emotional issues that stem from childhood.
My mother in law talks about her horrible childhood all the time. She has trouble forgiving her parents for taking her childhood away. She tells me that she was the oldest daughter and had to take care of the kids. Her parents had a lot of kids.
Rachel definitely resents them for this. My wish for her is that she can forgive her parents and be grateful that those experiences she had helped her to raise an awesome man, my husband.
Maybe the dragonfly is a sign that good things are ahead? It's certainly a symbol of light.

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