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03 August 2009

Hey You...

On Saturday my sister Donna came over and took my mom out for the day. As usual, my mom was up, dressed and sitting in the living room with her purse waiting for her to arrive.

Friday I had taken Uncle Al out for the day and I had mentioned that we should go to the zoo. It put the thought in my mom's head so when Donna was driving around lost, they saw the sign for the zoo and made a spur of the moment decision to stroll the zoo.

Eight bucks admission for each of them. Wow! I remember going when I was a kid, it was something like a dollar to get in the park.

Donna told me that they walked all over the park and they didn't have many animals. How sad. At least they paid an admission price that would pay to care for the animals.

During their day out together, my mom couldn't remember Donna's name. Donna is the one she sees most often (beside me of course) and has a hard time remembering her name. She has been calling my sister Donna, "Sue" (which is my name) for a long time. I did correct her for awhile, but thought it was frustrating her when I would so I just ignored her error and let her continue with her conversation.

Donna began to quiz my mom on the names of all of her kids, she had 5 of us. She has no problem remembering my name (I live with her) or my sister Ann's name because her name is a derivative of my mom's middle name, Anna. She remembers my brother Ed too, the son who passed away 8 years ago, he was named after my dad. But, Donna and Marty, those 2 names escape her more often than not.

During the name your kids quiz, my mom looked at Donna when Donna said, "So what is my name?" My mom looked at her with a little smile and said, "Hey you?" They both laughed out loud... now we joke when my mom is trying to remember Donna's name, I will say, "What's Hey You's real name?" My mom laughs and eventually she remembers Donna's name.

When Donna brought our mom home, she told me about my mom not remembering her name. I told her that her memory is really getting better with her supplements, at one time she didn't even talk because she couldn't form complete sentences. I assured Donna that her memory is returning and that I am sorry that she had to experience it first hand.

Seeing our mom's memory slip away really freaked me out the first time I noticed it, which is the reason I went in search of a natural solution to bring her memory back. I believe the body can heal itself with the right coaxing from natural herbs and spices.

Yesterday, I added some extra memory boosting spices and herbs to our diet. My mom also began taking Royal Camu capsules in addition to Brain Tonic (made from Gotu Kola, Sage, Rosemary and thyme.)

I took everything that my mom took yesterday. The Zucchini Brain Cakes that I made for breakfast (recipe will follow in another post) were packed with brain stimulant herbs and spices. She had 3 cordyceps, 2 royal camu and food that was packed with memory powering herbs - she was more alert. I gave her the "name your kids" quiz and she REMEMBERED EVERYONE'S NAME! Even Donna and Marty.

For dinner she had chicken soup with egg noodles (store bought, 42 g Carbs) and a slice of bread with a little butter. No fenugreek capsules. No Cordyceps.

This morning she woke up and we checked her blood sugar... her reading was 83! This was the lowest Blood glucose number I've seen in a long time. Any fasting number below 90 is fabulous and is NORMAL.

What am I learning from all of this?

First of all, I'm seeing with my own eyes that managing blood glucose is key to keeping all of your organs healthy and happy. Secondly, I am learning that the body CAN AND WILL heal itself if it's given enough love and care. Eat right, get plenty of rest, laugh and move your body... the result will bring you loads of happiness.

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