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14 August 2009

My Mom's Progress Over the Last 14 Months

My mom was pretty sick not too long ago. Just one year ago she had slipped into a demented state. Looking back, I noticed that she quickly began to lose her mental abilities when we moved from my house and into my new husband's house. My mom was not happy about moving and even more unhappy when I sold my house. A place where my mom lived with me for 10 years, it was what she knew as her home.

I know from personal experience that it is extremely difficult to live with a parent that has dementia. I also know first hand that the decision to put a parent into a nursing home can make you lose sleep at night.

Fortunately, I didn't want to accept that there is no cure for dementia. I believe that the body can heal itself. I believe that we have the power in our minds to move mountains, so I searched for a solution to help keep my mom out of a nursing home.

During the time when I was researching different herbal remedies, my mom was driving me nuts. She would argue with me about people that were hiding in her room. There were people outside looking in. It was frightening for my mom and me. I didn't know what to do.

I used hypnosis on her. It helped a little. Then I began to really focus on her diet. I read about carbs and how they work with the body. How they trigger disease in the body and how the traditional medicines could have been making her mental state worse.

My mom hated being demented. She would have clear moments when I could talk to her about what I was learning off the internet. She went along with the diet changes. I had to deal with her hating the new food I was preparing for her, it wasn't out of a box. When she was demented she was very disagreeable about everything.

I learned that when she was in a demented state I needed to be gentle and happy. I couldn't be frustrated or agravated because she would pick up on the energy and turn on me like a rabid dog. It sucked. I cried until I figured out how to turn her weird state into a happy state of mind. It all began with me. She took her lead from me. If I was in a lousy mood, she was in a bad mood.

The time that we went through together, figuring out how to live with her dementia, was trying for me. I look back in amazement that we got through the rough spots. I suppose it was because I kept remembering my dad's favorite poem, "Don't Quit." I also knew that my mom was showing me my potential health troubles if I didn't make lifestyle changes. I had to find a solution, not only for my mom but for me (and the rest of my family.)

Now, just one year later, my mom is alert and laughing. She is a new person who appears to be getting younger every day.

What's her secret? I'm writing it in a book right now that I hope to have available with in the next couple of months as an ebook.

There is hope for diabetics and seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimers or dementia.

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