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23 August 2009

Hypertension in the Elderly

I've been puzzled by my mom's blood pressure. Her cardiologist told us that it's too high and he wanted her to take more high blood pressure meds.

It's ranging 160's/70. When I give her a banana, her blood pressure will drop.

Earlier I wrote a post about Fenugreek and how it raises blood pressure. My mom's blood pressure was lower when she was using Fenugreek.

I did a search on the net with key words hypertension and elderly, this is an article that helps me to make sense of my mom's blood pressure.


Maybe my mom's BP is fine?


  1. The elderly, one of the fastest-growing segments of the US population, have the highest prevalence of hypertension and account for a large proportion of persons seeking antihypertensive treatment.
    I am proud of you because calling attention to a very important issue. It is very informative. You did a nice job. Thank you very much for giving a nice article to us.

  2. Thank you. I'm learning a lot about my own health through my mom. She's giving my family and me a lot through her agreeing to follow a non-traditional path to improve her health.

    It's working. The only sad part is that she's losing her mind. Although, her "bad days" aren't so bad anymore, she has more good days and even some great days!