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16 August 2009

How'd she do it?

If you've been reading my blog, you know that my mom was a heavy insulin user. She took 62 units per day and was on a cocktail of other pharmaceuticals that were prescribed to treat some "new" ailment.

It's no mystery that drugs are given to counteract side effects. I saw the devastating effects that this health prescription had on my mom. I watched her slowly decline and even begged her at one point not to die. Of course she lived or I wouldn't be writing about her successes in this blog and my future e-book.

My mom's journey toward renewed health after her pacemaker was installed a couple of years ago was challenging. The enviromental events that were occuring around us added extra stress and in many instances exaserbated the situation.

It was a gradual process for my mom to beat diabetes. First, she worked to take less insulin. Instead of just taking the insulin as prescribed, she would check her blood sugar. Often she'd say, "Susie, my blood sugar is 165, how much should I take?"

We recorded all of her blood sugar readings and I was able to see a pattern form. I showed my mom how to see the pattern and soon she was reducing her insulin. It was gradual.

I knew that her diet needed to change so I made sure that when she shopped, she bought real food. Nothing in a box if she could help it. She tossed out her coupons because the products that they were selling were poison.

My mom ate a lot of yogurt and jello. Looking back I laugh at how aggravated I got because she had so much yogurt and jello in our small refridgerator, it often landed on the floor splattering its contents all over my legs and bare feet. I will never forget the yogurt. It is how my mom helped herself break her habit of poor eating.

Over the course of about a year she weened herself off insulin.

When we moved from my house to where we live now, she wasn't able to find her way home so she stopped driving her car. It wouldn't start anyway, it had sit for so long in the driveway that squirrels began to build a nest under the hood somewhere.

I also took control of the shopping. My mom always came along. She wasn't able to buy herself candy treats and sneak them in the car on her drive home. Her car was always full of candy bar wrappers.

I have learned that you can not trust a diabetic with any sugar. You can't take it away from them either. It's like a drug.

Take it away and the person goes nuts and does their best to take you with them. It becomes a short trip to the nut house for both parties, the diabetic and the caregiver. No one wins.

There are ways to get yourself off white sugar and sugar-free. Use low glycemic Agave Nectar as a sweetener. Moderation. It's the key.

Eat more bitter stuff. Fenugreek is very bitter and also helps you to change your taste buds. Changing the taste buds was hard for my mom and me. So many times she told me the beautiful organic meal that I had made for her "sucks." But, because I have this sick urge to always try and please my mom, I try a little harder. That's when I discovered the miracle of Fenugreek and how it seemed to neutralize the taste buds to accept other healthful spices.

I analyzed everything about my mom. I even had her go to the dentist where she had her teeth repaired. Every 3 months we get our teeth cleaned. Brushing every day is very important. The nights she doesn't brush, her blood sugar readings are about 20 points higher in the morning. Brushing ones teeth is so important with maintaining good blood sugar levels.

The sooner you change your eating lifestyle the better you will feel all around. Everything takes time... there's no magic pill that will make diabetes go away. It took you a long time to get it, be patient with yourself.

Seek a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help you overcome your obstacles to success. Believe in yourself because when you believe in you... it's easy for every one else to believe in you too!

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