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01 July 2009

Weekend in Maine with my "Maine" Family

Brian's been on vacation so we've been getting things done. Today he even commented that he crossed off EVERYTHING on his list and it's only Wednesday.

He's having a good vacation.

Me too.

This past weekend we went up to Maine to deliver my very first "adult" purchase 17 years ago. A solid white ash futon living room set. At the time I lived in this attic apartment and it was the only thing that I could fit up the stairwell.

The futon set served me well for a long time. It also stood the test of having a tenant in my brother's condo using it for a few months.

Just about every one I know has slept on it at least once. The futon set held lots of awesome memories. I could not get rid of it.

This weekend, my brother gave it back to me and Brian and I drove it up to Maine in the back of my pick up truck. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of Brian's packing job, but it was fabulous. We fit the entire thing, mattresses, tables, everything and drove it up to Maine for a 3 + hour drive. Wooo Hooo! The rain held up. We had sunny skies all the way up. The clouds were behind us.

My mom, we met my sister Donna at a point near her house up in Maine. The plan was to take the set up to Ann and Steve, set it up, have a few drinks, laughs, play music and enjoy seeing each other. I haven't seen Ann in ages. Boy, I missed you Ann... REALLY AWESOME to see you.

All went along to plan.

We got up to Ann's around 5pm. We unloaded the truck and then it soon started to rain. We made it up north and didn't have any rain hit us along the way. Yay!

I set the futon up while Brian and Steve played music in the basement while they drank whiskey. Oh, it was great! No one to step in and try to help. I've put the futon set together more times than I care to count. There's a way to do it really fast. I figured I'd show Ann and she could help so that it went along faster.

The futon living room set looks like it was made for Ann's house. It found it's permanent home.

We used Brian's metal detector in the old farm dump on Ann and Steve's property. We found a really cool kids die cast model of a 1920's fire truck. It looked like an early match box car. I didn't get a picture of the truck. I did get video of Brian using the machine.

To end our whirlwind tour to Maine, we stopped back at Donna and Brad's camp where we had a feast on Maine lobster. It was fabulous to see everyone, especially our Lil'Guns.

Here's a quick recap video that I put together to help us remember how lucky we are ("here comes the lucky speech") to have each other as family.

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