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22 July 2009

Naturopathic Medicine Needs to be Part of Our Healthcare Option!

After yesterdays disaster with the traditional cardiologist at a world renowned hospital, I knew that I needed to find my mom and me a Naturopathic Doctor.

I found several in our area and contacted one that had a good vibe with credentials to match.

During my research I discovered that in Massachusetts, Naturopath doctors can not order blood tests! I found this to be ridiculous on so many levels. As I read more, I found the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians website.

There was a form to send a letter to my state senators and congresswoman asking that Naturopathic Medicine be included in healthcare reform.

Here's my letter -

The use of naturopathic medicine is having a dramatic impact on the quality of people's lives, is significantly reducing reliance on the cost of chronic disease, and is a highly cost-effective way to keep people healthy. Yet, federal programs do not utilize the services of licensed naturopathic doctors, and to date, reform efforts would underutilize and/or exclude the services of millions of practitioners who provide primary prevention care.

Here is my personal story of improved health through naturopathic care.

Dear Senator and Congresswoman,

My mom was on her deathbed. She was on a dangerous cocktail of prescribed medicine. My mom was hallucinating, running through the house screaming in the middle of the night, frightened about a baby that she thought was in trouble.

It was scary for her and for me. The thought of putting her in a nursing home made me cry. Traditional doctors were not helping, they were making her worse.

My mom never gave up on me so I vowed not to give up on her. Together we got her off all the pharmaceuticals that were making her sick and hallucinating. She is 80, a diabetic and was on 61 units of synthetic insulin per day - but through diet, exercise and natural remedies of naturopathic medicine, she is now stronger and healthier than she's been in decades.

Her hallucinations are a thing of the past. Her memory is coming back and once again she's laughing out loud when she hears something funny. My mom has a 2nd chance at living and enjoying her new great grandson.

Regular medicine with the pharma drugs is not working. The secret to healthcare reform is to include naturopathic care, it works and it works very well to keeping my mom and me healthy.

The big pharmaceutical companies are poisoning us and slowly killing off the population all for the mighty dollar that they can squeeze out of all of us. Doctors appear to be in cahoots with the big pharmaceutical companies, they don't care about the patients (I have met a few docs that are awesome, but these true doctors are rare in the medical community.)

Please, look at naturopathic medicine as a solution, our people NEED this change!

The system need not rely solely on MDs and DOs to provide primary care.

Please support the inclusion of ALL licensed health care providers in health care reform.



Big pharmas and the insurance companies are in this for the money, they don't care about our health. When are we going to stand up as a united people and say ENOUGH and take control of our lives.

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  1. "Regular medicine with the pharma drugs is not working."

    I hope health care reform will include incentives for doctors to take the time to actually listen to, and talk with, their patients, instead of just spending three minutes to type up several prescriptions. That approach is a disaster.